Enhance your Invoicing Process: How to Provide Fixed Amount Discounts in Invoices

Enhance your Invoicing Process: How to Provide Fixed Amount Discounts in Invoices


Are you looking to enhance your invoicing process and boost customer satisfaction? Well, we have great news for you! Our latest payment feature alert introduces the ability to provide fixed amount discounts in addition to percentage based discounts on your invoices. This exciting enhancement allows you to offer more flexibility and customization in your invoicing process, ensuring you meet the unique needs of your clients.

Adding Fixed Amount Discounts: A Game-Changer!

We understand the importance of providing various discount options to your customers. Our newly introduced feature includes the support for fixed value amounts in your invoices, alongside the existing percentage-based discounts. This means you can now apply a fixed value discount directly on your invoices, making it easier for you to accommodate specific discount requests or tailor your pricing offers.

How to Apply Fixed Value Discounts

Applying fixed value discounts in your invoices is a breeze. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Create Invoice: Begin by creating a new invoice or editing an existing one.

  2. Add Item and Quantity: Add the desired item or service along with the quantity to your invoice.

  3. Set Price: Set the original price for the item or service.

  4. Choose Discount Type: Now, you have the option to select either a percentage-based discount or a fixed value discount.

  5. Apply Fixed Value Discount: If a fixed value discount is preferred, enter the discount amount directly into the designated field.

  6. Calculate: The system will automatically calculate the discounted price based on the discount applied.

  7. Preview and Send: Review the invoice details, ensure everything is accurate, and hit the send button!

Benefits of Fixed Amount Discounts in Invoices

The introduction of fixed amount discounts in invoices brings with it a multitude of benefits. Here’s why you should start utilizing this feature:

  • Increased Flexibility: The ability to offer fixed amount discounts grants you greater flexibility in crafting customized pricing options for your clients. It allows you to meet their diverse needs and preferences effectively.

  • Improved Customer Satisfaction: With more discount options available, you can now better align your invoicing process with what your customers value most. This enhances their overall satisfaction with your services and fosters long-term relationships.

  • Efficient Pricing Communication: By clearly indicating and specifying the fixed value discount applied, you eliminate any confusion or ambiguity regarding pricing. This ensures a smooth and transparent communication process with your clients.

  • Streamlined Invoicing: Our feature update streamlines the invoicing process, saving you time and effort. With the ability to easily apply fixed amount discounts, you can swiftly finalize invoices and focus on other crucial tasks.


If you’re looking to enhance your invoicing process and improve customer satisfaction, the introduction of fixed amount discounts in your invoices is a game-changer. With this new feature update, you can provide more flexibility and customization, leading to increased client satisfaction and streamlined operations. So why wait? Start utilizing the power of fixed amount discounts today and take your invoicing process to new heights!

Remember to consult our user guide for further details on how to optimize and utilize this feature to its fullest potential.