Exciting Announcement: Custom Code Workflow Action Now Available!

Exciting Announcement: Custom Code Workflow Action Now Available!


Well, folks, have we got some thrilling news to share! We are ecstatic to announce the launch of the brand-new Custom Code feature in our Workflow Builder. This cutting-edge feature is a game-changer that opens up a world of possibilities for all you tech-savvy wizards out there. Let’s dive in and explore what this exciting addition has in store for you!

What is Custom Code in Workflow Builder?

Have you ever wished for more control and customization in your workflow automation? Well, with the introduction of Custom Code, your dreams have come true. This feature empowers advanced users like us to write and execute custom JavaScript code right within the workflow. How cool is that?

How Does it Work?

Curious about how to harness the power of Custom Code? Here’s a quick breakdown of how this feature operates:

  • Specify Data: First things first, we can specify the data we want to manipulate using our custom code.
  • Run Tests: To ensure everything is running smoothly, we have the ability to run tests and debug our code within the workflow environment.
  • Utilize Output: Once the code is executed successfully, we can seamlessly utilize the output in subsequent workflow steps. Talk about efficiency at its finest!

Who Can Benefit from Custom Code?

While this feature offers unparalleled flexibility for users with specific industry needs, such as developers and tech whizzes, it may not be widely used by the average person. However, for those seeking advanced customization and automation capabilities, Custom Code is a true gem waiting to be explored.

In conclusion, the launch of the Custom Code feature in our Workflow Builder is a significant stride towards providing our users with enhanced control and adaptability in their automation endeavors. So, what are you waiting for? Dive into the world of Custom Code and unlock a realm of endless possibilities!