Exciting News: Template Library Now Expanded and Available Internationally!

Exciting News: Template Library Now Expanded and Available Internationally!

If you’re in the business of digital marketing, you know that creating engaging content for various platforms can be a challenge. Managing brand consistency and targeting specific demographics takes time. Many organizations have turned to a marketing automation platform like High Level to help them build out their funnels and marketing campaigns.

Today, High Level is excited to announce that it has expanded its template library for international use. In this article, we’ll explore why this is such great news for marketers and what new features High Level users can expect.

High Level Announces Internationalization of Template Libraries for Funnels, Websites, Social Planner, Email Builder, Forums, and Surveys ##

High Level has already established an impressive template library with hundreds of templates across emails and funnels. But with the new internationalization feature, this library is now available globally. The entire app is being internationalized section by section, and the template libraries for all mentioned sections are now available and released in internationalization.

Adding a Language is Not Radically Difficult, But Getting The Section Ready For Internationalization is Harder

High Level is flagging additional language requests and will roll them out shortly. Adding a new language is not radically difficult, but getting the section ready for internationalization is harder. High Level has to take the correct approach to ensure that the correct language and nuances are present. Additionally, cultural references and colloquialisms are taken into account to ensure that the translations are both natural and contextually appropriate.

How Does The New Template Library Benefit Marketers? ##

The new templates available internationally mean that it’s now more accessible for marketers to create engaging content for different demographics. With these new features, marketers can now:

  • Work more efficiently by using pre-built templates to create and publish content faster.
  • Tap into multicultural audiences and create campaigns for specific geographic regions.
  • Build brand consistency and establish trust with diverse audiences when creating content that is culturally relevant.

High Level Hopes Everyone is Having an Awesome Friday and is Available for Assistance

High Level understands that rolling out new features may come with some confusion and has made sure to provide handlers to help users navigate the new features. It’s always refreshing when a company adds new features while still considering the user experience of each individual. In this spirit, High Level has set itself up as an awesome resource that is available for assistance and is always committed to helping businesses grow.

Further Updates Will Follow in the Next Video ##

The new internationalization feature is just one of the fantastic updates that High Level is introducing in the coming months. So stay tuned for the next video from High Level to learn what’s next in making digital marketing even more accessible and user-friendly.

In conclusion, High Level’s expansion of the template library for international use is excellent news for marketers worldwide. The new feature helps create more engaging content for targeted demographics globally, more efficiently, and culturally relevant. This feature, coupled with High Level’s commitment to providing excellent user experience and a reliable resource for businesses, will undoubtedly enhance the marketing experience on their platform.