Export All Form Survey Submissions Live!

Hey happy Thursday everybody Sean coming At you from high levels so check this Out let's just start where this all Began this is so cool let's check this Candy link out here so for those of you Who don't know this um we obviously have Um this awesome change log that we have So for anybody who's interested in Learning more about what we're talking About inside high level here you can Always go up to the top right hand Corner you can hit this beautiful view Change log button and you can access That change lock but today what we're Talking about is a brand new uh release Type T2 which is basically a new feature A new enhancement we're going to be Exporting submission feature for live For is live from forms and surveys okay So let's walk it down so we're excited To announce a new feature that make Exporting submissions from forms and Surveys easier than ever before with our Latest update you can now export all Submissions for selected forms and Surveys or all forms and service in a Batch and receive an email with the Downloadable link when you initiate the Export option you'll see a toast message Which is a little pop-up basically Saying that the export will be sent to You once it's ready to rock Um and the file will be available for Seven days before that link expires cool

Additionally please note that the new Export submission features does not Support exporting so missions from the Chat widget and Lead forms we're Actively working on extending the Support to these features or forms or Whatever in the future basically we'll Make that work in the future anyways so What are we doing why are we doing it What's the point of this I love I love That they throw this in here current Download uh functionality only exports Csvs for the record shown on the current Page which can be time consuming and Tedious we just wanted to make it easier For you to export them all right which Makes a lot of sense so anyways for Those who are not familiar with this if You go over the site section and then You go over the form section or the Service section you can obviously see All the submissions that have come in And now you can see right here there's a New button export all submissions of all Form or obviously if you select the form You'll actually be able to choose which Form you're downloading for are you sure You want to export the forms missions Well of course I am and so bam as you See if I'm right the export started and The download link will be emailed to you Within five minutes once it's ready or Whenever we get ready so anyways that's Super easy and then you'll get a cool

Little email like this you click the Download button and bada bang bada boom You've got yourself some amazing form Export survey stuff so anyways huge Props to the team for make this happen Make it easier get all these forms Missions out hope you're all gonna have An amazing Thursday and we'll talk soon Thanks