Facebook Conversion API Lead Event is Live!

Hey happy Wednesday everybody Sean Coming at you from high levels so this Update is awesome in lots of different Ways so uh before we dive into it let's Talk about the Facebook conversion API So do we all remember when Apple came Out and said that they were no longer Going to allow Facebook to basically uh Automatically put their pixels in on web Pages and get all kinds of information About users without consent yes we do Right okay and we know that all of that On the on the client side basically went From something you could do easily to Something you can't do at all so Facebook came out with what was called The Facebook conversion API the Conversion API it works like this let's Say let's take a very simple example There's a form on a website and someone Comes in from a Facebook ad right and Then submits that form and that turns Out let's say to be a good thing for you You would want to say yeah I I want to Find more people like that what used to Happen is you used to actually be able To use JavaScript on the client side on The front end to send a signal back to Facebook and say yo Facebook that person Who filled out that form I want more of Those people go get them and that's what Got killed by apple and a lot of Browsers actually and any ad blockers Etc but on using the Facebook

Conversions API you can still do it Because what happens is on the back end Now not on the web browser side on the Back end so the form submission comes in A high level you can create a workflow To tell Facebook the same thing you used To be able to tell them and what's great About this what is what's the reason Behind it what's the point behind it It's to make your conversions uh less Expensive because it gives Facebook the Ability to Target more of the people That you want to reach awesome that's The Facebook conversions API in a Nutshell if that didn't make any sense To you go Google Facebook whoa Nelly Facebook conversions API um and you will Uh no doubt um learn a lot more in that Uh from anyways on that top area okay Now what the heck is this update about This update is amazing because we are Introducing the ability to send in the Lead event so there's different types of Events you can tell Facebook like hey Facebook I would like to tell you that I Just got a new lead and it's a very Specific type of event and it lets Facebook know that if you're doing let's Say like lead conversion ads and that Kind of thing it allows them to know hey This is more of what I want right so if You go into the workflow you can see This now there's a lead event type which Is really awesome and you can go through

All this and there's a help doc on it so Look for the Facebook conversion leads Walkthrough uh help article under Help.ohiolevel.com Um so you can check all of that out as You can see right here let's just read Through the notes uh lead events enable Businesses to track the movement of Leads across pipeline stages businesses Can create a pipeline lead generation For this is a great example actually and Use the CRM to track the movement so the Idea would be like let's say somebody Comes in fills out that form and your Sales person talks to them and you find Out like some people are going to be Good leads some people are going to be Not this is where you could drag the Card over and someone's like yes that's A good lead and bam you could then fire This off after that drag event so again It helps to make the specificity behind Which leads are good and which leads are Bad better okay so all that's great all That's wonderful but check this action Out over here on the right hand side so Now I was reading through these notes And turns out inside Facebook we now Appear underneath the Chooser CRM list Which is awesome under the lead Connector brand of course because that Is how we want to make sure that we are Staying on that sort of gray label um Side of the house so anyways

Um when you go in there there's all Kinds of cool articles oh and then of Course some people don't even know about This so I'm clicking on this link here Notetheurl help.leadconnector hq.com we Go to this if you just go to this hold On real quick let's just go right to That root URL this is a gray label Version of The Help docs that we're Continually updating it's not full and Complete but it has a lot as you can see And um specifically around this topic There's three help articles that were Launched today uh specific to to this we Decided to do to comply with a meta Request but it also benefits you because You can now send these to your customers And they can actually follow all of this Information as well Um and it really mirrors the the high Level version of the article so anyways All of this is super awesome um it's Also like super markety and depth and Facebook ads specific and all that so There's a little to unpack here but Don't be um if you don't know really all Of the background on Facebook lead ads Or Um Facebook ads in general don't don't Sweat it there's a ton of stuff out There on it but the good news is this Will allow you to Target people more Exactly and allow you to bring down your Cost per lead for yourself or for your

Clients so anyways on that note I hope You're having an amazing Wednesday and I'll see you in the next video thanks