Funnel Builder UI Refresh Sneak Peak!

Hey happy Monday everybody Sean coming At you from high level so I'm doing this Kind of on the road as you can see Um but check this out I'm really excited So this is a preview of a brand new Update to the funnel Builder basically Think about it like this so we have Wanted to add a bunch of new elements And uh but before we did that we wanted To kind of update and freshen the look Here so this is kind of like a you can Look at that URL it's crazy staging URL But this is kind of an update to the Look and feel of the funnel Builder so Imagine you just hit edit funnel and Then you're gonna see oh just kidding Haha psych you're going to see something That looks like this so if we look at This page here this is actually the Funnel Builder and so same concept as Always you've got all of the different Elements now I want to come over here to Add elements see how this pops this nice Section pops out from the left hand side And this allows us to a lot of Interesting things so first of all now The sections are going to be right here And I'm on terrible bandwidth so that's Probably why this is going to look uh is Going to load like this then we'll have Rose which would do something similar oh What am I saying and then elements oh And then Global section section Templates all of that

Um all nicely there and then the Properties actually now pull out from This right hand side so if we go ahead And Shrink this down here and I click on Something Um in fact if I go like this I wonder if I can go like that yep see it'll Automatically pop out here so you can Start to see how that's going to look And then all of these things up here These are the so we have this brand new Layers design so check this out you have This ability to go through here and look At each of those layers and then you can See oh look at that oh that's the opt-in Row there's the fourth column all that Wonderful stuff I am the worst bundle Designer in the world so I am the last Person who should probably be demoing This but I'm sorry this is who you got So you can see all of the same options That we already have today they're all Just nicely put up here instead of being Stuffed in menus that were very hard to Find obviously still have the mobile and Desktop preview now the goal here was to Kind of update the look make it a lot More user friendly without radically Redesigning because we're not a big fan Of radically redesigning things and Throwing them out this is literally just An evolution of what's already there so It's not really requiring any rebuild or Anything it's really just trying to

Reorganize the UI freshen it up a little But make it a little bit easier on the Eyes and just hopefully a little easier From an organization's perspective Perspective excuse me over on the Left-hand side so anyways um this is Being worked on right now um it should Be out actually fairly soon I think in The next month or so uh and so we just Wanted to get this out here as a sneak Peek show you what we're working on love To get your feedback and as always I'm Really appreciate all of you and I will See you in the next video thanks