Get Paid Faster with Apple Pay and Google Pay: Invoices and Text2Pay Links now Available!

Get Paid Faster with Apple Pay and Google Pay: Invoices and Text2Pay Links now Available!

Are you tired of waiting for payments to clear? Or worse, having to deal with bounced checks or payment disputes? Well, you can now breathe a sigh of relief because Stripe has made it easier than ever to get paid quickly and securely. With the addition of Apple Pay and Google Pay support, Stripe has streamlined the payment process for both you and your customers.


Stripe is a powerful payment platform that powers millions of transactions each day. With this recent update, Stripe is now able to provide even more convenience when it comes to getting paid. Here’s how the new features can benefit you and your customers.

Invoices and Text2Pay Links for Apple Pay and Google Pay

The primary benefit of the new update is that Apple Pay and Google Pay are now supported for Stripe on invoices and Text2Pay link payments. This means that your customers can easily pay you using the payment method they prefer. This update is particularly significant for those who find themselves with unpaid invoices as it’s easier than ever to pay.

When you send an invoice to a customer using Stripe, the payment options will now change based on their device. For instance, invoices sent to Google devices will see the Google Pay element, while invoices sent to Apple devices will see the Apple Pay option. The result is a seamless, hassle-free payment process.

Compatibility for Recurring and One-Time Charges

Another great feature of this update is that Google Pay and Apple Pay are compatible with recurring and one-time charges. So, whether your customers are making a one-time payment or setting up a recurring payment schedule, they can pay you quickly and conveniently.

Migration to Payment Element

For those who use Stripe to process payments, you’ll notice that the card element for the invoice has been migrated to the Payments element. This change makes it easier for Stripe users to manage and process payments, while also providing greater convenience for your customers.

Integration and Compatibility

It’s important to note that the toggle on the Integrations page is only for order form payments. If you want to use Google Pay or Apple Pay, you’ll need to use Stripe Connect for compatibility. Additionally, the Business Stripe Account will automatically register the domain for hosting the invoices for seamless display of Apple Pay payment methods. Lastly, this update is available only in Stripe and not in any other payment provider.


In conclusion, this update from Stripe represents a major step forward in payment processing. With Google Pay and Apple Pay now supported for invoices and Text2Pay links, you can get paid faster and more conveniently than ever before. So, if you’re tired of waiting for payments to clear or dealing with payment disputes, it’s time to make the switch to Stripe and streamline your payment process.