Groove-A-Thon – Day 1 – Past, Present, Future and Vision of Groove

Groove-A-Thon - Day 1 - Past, Present, Future and Vision of Groove

Welcome to the GrooveAthon Day 1 where we want to bring you closer to Groove.

We’ll cover the where we started, where we are right now and where we want to go and bring Groove and you along with us on a journey.

Join us on Monday, 5th of July at 11am EST/ 8am PST / 3pm GMT and learn the vision of Groove from the founders.

0:00 – INTRO
5:12 – The Different Phases of Groove
26:05 – The Beginnings of Groove
27:05 – Why It Happened (What Motivated Them to Make Groove)
47:15 – The Seeds of Butterfly Marketing
57:08 – Changing Lives
1:02:16 – Personal Struggles
1:11:41 – Intermission
1:26:51 – Groove-A-Thon Schedule
1:33:10 – The Product Owners
1:42:29 – The Marketer’s Cruise
1:52:30 – Intermission Session with David Lemon and Donna Fox
2:21:00 – Getting Back Your Motivation with Joanne
2:31:11 – The State of Groovion Encore
2:47:02 – Groove Updates
2:52:51 – Groove Mobile iPhone and Android App
2:54:44 – Groove Dash and UI
3:06:36 – New Icons and Designs
3:12:41 – Admin Settings
3:20:26 – GroovePages, GrooveSell, and Groove Marketplace
3:26:55 – GrooveWebinar, GrooveMember, GrooveBlog and GrooveKart
3:29:02 – GroovePay
3:33:37 – Planned Apps
3:39:05 – Marketing
3:55:20 – Price Changes
4:04:11 – New Upsell Funnel and OTO Page
4:10:11 – New Offers
4:15:42 – Affiliates Need to Prepare For
4:29:38 – Price Change Schedule and Announcements
4:40:30 – Spamming and Other Issues
4:53:39 – Reflections on Groove Updates
5:13:10 – Import Features
5:21:42 – Why did the brand change to Groove CRM?
5:37:35 – How the Brand Changed
5:47:28 – Groove-A-Thon Training Sessions
5:59:03 – The Groove Goal
6:05:50 – OUTRO

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