Groove LemonAid #43 – A Q&A session with David Lemon

Groove LemonAid #43 - A Q&A session with David Lemon

Groove LemonAid #43 – A Q&A session with David Lemon

Are you struggling with something when working with the Groove Platform?

Come on to our LemonAid Q&A session and let us know your questions so we can answer them or demonstrate it live in front of you.

Feel free to post your questions in the comments below so we make sure we answer them LIVE.

0:00 – INTRO
3:10 – How to use the sections on the left of the header on GroovePages?
7:45 – How to fix issues with receiving emails in GrooveMail added via Sendgrid?
9:40 – How to add GrooveBlog to the root of my main dot com?
13:34 – Will the funnel built in GroovePages work correctly when linked to GrooveKart?
17:33 – How to fix issues in saving my work in GroovePages?
20:28 – Which one between the Success Page URL in GrooveForms and a GrooveMail Form in the page builder would work better?
21:33 – How to fix broken image icons in GrooveKart?
23:41 – How do I replace the icon with a button in the three-column layout in GroovePages?
27:39 – Is there a way to make a text hyperlinked to an external site open to a new window?
29:42 – When does my domain name change after adding a custom domain and have it verified?
30:25 – What are partner contracts and how does it work?
32:52 – How to send custom emails to my members after they complete a certain percent of the membership?
34:26 – How do subdomains work if an individual does not have a domain?
37:48 – Is it possible to hide products from GrooveKart completely and still use them as an upsell product?
39:46 – Is it possible to send emails to GrooveMember based on their progress behavior either using GrooveMail or Active Campaigns?
39:59 – Will it be possible to fulfill a membership through GrooveKart?
40:39 – How to fix issues in adding product’s viewers and quantity discount in GrooveKart?
45:53 – How to transfer my website from Kartra to GroovePages?
48:52 – GroovePages Saving Hack
50:35 – What is your suggestion for selling digital products?
52:44 – Can I build a fully functioning sales funnel in GrooveKart and add email software?
53:06 – Does GrooveBlog allow sharing limited access to a VA?
55:16 – How to fix issues in receiving sales emails?
56:53 – Can I launch somebody’s product or only if this person has a Groove account?
57:39 – How can I make it so that if my student does not finish one course, they could not move to the next course?
59:46 – Will any domain work to redirect to my affiliate link?
1:00:18 – How to add a buy button embed code in my funnel?
1:03:28 – Are there new updates to GrooveBlog?
1:04:10 – Is it possible to use GrooveMail forms with GrooveKart?
1:06:10 – How to make a double opt-in set-up?
1:11:46 – When can I change other languages in the GrooveMember area?
1:12:53 – When will the custom email in GrooveMember and GrooveSell come/
1:13:27 – Do you recommend using a landing page to capture emails and then place the Groove Membership Opt-in Page on the thank you page?
1:18:27 – How can I connect my contact us form on GroovePages to receive the notification?
1:18:47 – Will GrooveKart integrate with Printful?
1:20:06 – Where do I find the membership opt-in page with or without pricing?
1:27:36 – Can I share a GrooveKart store?
1:31:31 – What does the red dot in GroovePages mean?
1:34:25 – When will Amazon-SES be set-up as a mail sender?
1:37:05 – OUTRO

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