Groove LemonAid #44 – A Q&A session with David Lemon

Groove LemonAid #44 - A Q&A session with David Lemon

Groove LemonAid #44 – A Q&A session with David Lemon

Are you struggling with something when working with the Groove Platform?

Come on to our LemonAid Q&A session and let us know your questions so we can answer them or demonstrate it live in front of you.

Feel free to post your questions in the comments below so we make sure we answer them LIVE.

0:00 – INTRO
0:53 – Some Groove Updates (GrooveVideo and GrooveKart)
2:40 – GrooveKart Updates
14:07 – What function will Zapier play in my Groove sites?
18:44 – How to add an automatic free Groove membership with my bonuses?
19:50 – Can I configure private email to my domains when I have Groove hosting the domain as a custom domain?
20:40 – Can I use a Webhook to automate an email through Sendio for other areas of Groove?
21:20 – What is the best way to have a local business subscribe to a service that I offer and charge recurring monthly payments using Groove apps?
23:25 – Is it possible to integrate API with a payment method that is currently not integrated with GrooveKart?
24:24 – How to set-up the footer with cookie consent?
29:25 – How to automate a free GrooveMember login with my bonuses for Groove free sign-ups?
31:15 – Where can I go to see a list of all free Groove memberships or videos to add to GroovePages?
32:05 – Can I install plug-ins inside Groove?
34:16 – Do I need cookie disclaimer on all my Groove pages for legal compliance?
37:06 – GrooveKart Updates 2
41:40 – GrooveWebinar Updates
44:59 – Can I cloak the main custom URL with Switchy or just a sub-domain?
46:58 – Can I use GrooveFunnels to design an online digital menu for a client that owns a restaurant?
53:11 – When is the agency functionality able to host client sites?
54:57 – What is your opinion on the “unbelievable image optimizer”?
58:34 – Where can I learn the CSS code to implement on GroovePages?
1:01:33 – Is there any talk about allowing users to upload their own custom-created HTML and host it in Groove?
1:03:24 – What is the best source for all of the tutorials that you have done over time?
1:05:20 – What do you think about the loading speed of Convertri compared to Groove?
1:08:50 – Available Templates in GroovePages (Restaurant Template)
1:11:29 – Will my kids be able to use their free account after the Black Friday promotion when Groove switches?
1:12:42 – Can I import what I built in Convertri into Groove?
1:13:10 – Can I manage my client’s pages and sites from my life account or will that be available with Groove Agency in the future?
1:14:50 – Should I put cookies policy on every website and pages including the affiliate opt-in, bridge, and sales pages?
1:16:15 – Will Groove have pre-built campaigns that include tags, pages, sequences like in Kartra?
1:21:11 – How to do webhooks and integrations with Zapier, Pabbly, and Integrately?
1:25:10 – How do I get my IPad to show images in my GrooveKart?
1:27:35 – When building a new site, should the focus primarily be on a mobile build?
1:29:15 – OUTRO

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