Groove LemonAid #45 – A Q&A session with David Lemon

Groove LemonAid #45 - A Q&A session with David Lemon

Groove LemonAid #44 – A Q&A session with David Lemon

Are you struggling with something when working with the Groove Platform?

Come on to our LemonAid Q&A session and let us know your questions so we can answer them or demonstrate it live in front of you.

Feel free to post your questions in the comments below so we make sure we answer them LIVE.

0:00 – INTRO
1:10 – Some Updates
11:19 – Where do I see the tracking stats after putting the GrooveSell tracking code at GroovePages?
12:55 – How to integrate GrooveMail with GrooveVideo and GrooveSell?
14:40 – How many contacts can I have in GrooveMail if I have the platinum account?
17:07 – How do I track the stats if I don’t use GrooveSell but the GrooveMail form?
19:13 – Will Groove have a central location where I can ZAP conversations coming from text and messenger from multiple platforms?
24:52 – Will the virtual editing of GrooveKon be recorded and available to paid members?
25:03 – How to do an ordered list with numbers not bullets on GroovePages?
28:28 – Is there any way to adjust the HTML of my post and add a span with in-line CSS?
30:18 – How do I make buttons full width inside GroovePages?
33:05 – How to upload a video to GrooveVideo and then play it in a header of a GroovePages site?
33:32 – How to get contact details like name and email from a Google form to a list in GrooveMail through Zapier?
35:17 – How do I add the DNs records from NameCheap private email to Groove?
36:50 – Is there a way to create a drip for a membership site for monthly payments and full access for paid in full for the same site under different payment structures?
39:00 – Is there a way to have GrooveBlog’s url post without the post?
40:23 – How to set-up a one-time payment for a set-up fee followed by 1st month payment and recurring monthly fee?
43:13 – Do I have to create a website for my coaching business on GroovePages and create the different session packages on GrooveSell?
45:11 – Will there be a weekly live training site building class?
46:20 – What will happen to anything that I previously built in GrooveMember 1.0 as 2.0 rolls out?
47:39 – How can I email my customers who signed-up as an affiliate through GrooveMail?
48:59 – When will GrooveWebinar be more stable and be mobile responsive?
49:32 – Are there any updates on GrooveQuiz and GrooveSurvey?
50:48 – Can I give or share remote access to my Groove account?
54:02 – Is there a trick to have the effect in GroovePages that is in the page response?
54:56 – Will GroovePages have the same function as GrooveBlog to create lists?
55:22 – How can I log-in to the new version of GrooveFunnels?
55:38 – How to connect my domain in NameCheap to my Groove domain, CloudFlare, and SendGrid?
57:50 – Can I host my Groove products myself?
59:17 – If someone collects mails from Messenger with ChatMatic, is this enough to import the leads to GrooveMail?
1:00:13 – How do I integrate an option box with GrooveMail where members are added to my list?
1:01:55 – How to connect my GSuite email to my Groove-hosted website?
1:04:26 – How do I make my website responsive across all mobile devices?
1:05:00 – Is Fancy Dividers still in the works for GroovePages?
1:08:20 – If I set the trial to zero days for set-up fee, is the 1st month fee charged immediately following that or do I need to bundle it in a set-up fee?
1:08:40 – How do I edit the field names above the fields themselves in GrooveMail?
1:11:40 – Where to integrate any of the allowed SMTP clients within GrooveMail?
1:13:43 – How do I place a WhatsApp icon next to a button in GroovePages?
1:15:17 – Would a free account limit the VA support?
1:17:33 – Does switching platforms affect ranking in SEO?
1:20:45 – Is there a way to add sales tax to my charges in GrooveSell?
1:21:14 – Does Groove plan to add more SMTP drivers such as Elastic mail?
1:23:11 – Will GrooveBlog have an editable button?
1:29:22 – Will GrooveMail have external SMTP?
1:32:24 – Will GrooveMail have designed email templates?
1:36:20 – When will there be themes for button elements?
1:36:35 – How can I delete a Stripe payment gateway?
1:37:16 – What is your favorite app in the Groove ecosystem?
1:44:00 – Some Announcements
1:47:35 – GrooveKon and Marketer’s Cruise
1:51:00 – What do you think about ClickFunnels 2.0?
1:59:06 – OUTRO

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