How To Add a Custom Menu Link

Foreign [Music] Welcome to our quick tutorial and for Today we're going to show you how to Create a custom menu link so first off We need to be inside the agency or we Need to be on the agency level And then we go to settings Go to custom menu link And then click on the blue create new Button So first off it's going to ask you for a Specific icon that you wanted to use so For this example we'll be using the Xbox Icon since we'll be Um adding a shortcut in order uh for us To go to the Xbox link or what Xbox site So link name let's put in Xbox Then add the Earl So make sure that it has the HTTP or Https Colon slash slash although it's already Stated here They click on the question mark button And then for the sidebar preference Since it will show on the sidebar you do Have the option for it to show on the Agency View Or on the account view so you can enable Or disable this buttons according to Your preference so if you only want it To show on a specific account you can Disable show to all accounts and just Simply choose the account where you want

To have the custom menu link show up to So for example let's choose this one And then when clicked Um It's either you can prefer for it to Open inside the platform although not All shortcuts or not all websites do Work Within the platform so what we advise is For you to use the open in a new tab or Open in current window so for this Example let's choose open in a new tab But then again you can always Experiment which sides is able to Um Pull up or open up within the platform So for now let's just use this click Save If that happens just re-choose The icon again then hit save And that's it if we go back We'll be able to see that the custom Menu link is already created so if we Click there That pulls up or opens up a new tab and It goes directly to the site or link That we just created or that we linked It to So that's it that's us how simple you Can create your own custom menu links And if ever that you wanted to add more Just go back to the same settings and Choose custom menu link again And then just repeat what we just did

Just uh by creating a new custom menu Link So yeah that's it that's how simple it Is remember you have questions don't Hesitate to ask thank you so much you Have a good day thanks for watching this Short how-to video for more how-to Videos check out the 2023 how-to Playlist in the go high level YouTube Channel [Music] Foreign [Music]