How To Add a Domain

Foreign [Music] Welcome to our quick tutorial and for Today I'm going to show you how to add Your domain So first off we need to be inside an Account or a sub account then we have to Go to settings Look for domains Then add new domain So for example we'll be adding Ghl All we have to do is to go to your DNS Settings so for example Um if you're using GoDaddy So you have to go to your domain Portfolio just Um Select edit DNS and then Add new record so As you can see here it's asking us to Have an a record or a cname record So you can either add an a record Pointing to this So when you add an a record just copy This and then type in type this or paste This in as the value or You can also just create a cname record Um under your Um under your domain records then add This flash that funnels that message As the value for the cname record So what's once you're done click add

So since we already added this that's Why it's saying it already exists so Once you already have your domain Then Um you can simply click on the pencil Icon so you can choose which funnel or Which website that you wanted That particular domain to connect to And uh Remember that we won't be able to use or The website or funnel won't go live Unless we connect it over to a live Domain so once you've read the added the Records uh again just go to this pencil Icon and then choose the default page And if you click save That connects the domain over to the Funnel or the landing page or to a Specific website that you already Created and that's it that's how simple It is to add your domain remember you Have any questions don't hesitate the Ads Have a good day thanks for watching this Short how-to video for more how-to Videos check out the 2023 how to Playlist in the go high level YouTube Channel [Music] Foreign [Music]