How to Clone Funnels and Organize Websites in Folders, Plus Internationalizing New Funnel Website Pop-ups


HighLevel, a digital marketing software company, has recently released a video update on its latest features and improvements. The main focus of the update is on creating funnels and websites and how they can be cloned and organized within folders. Additionally, internationalization has been included to allow for global use. HighLevel assures its users that these new updates are simple and awesome, but let’s take a deeper look into what’s new with the platform.

Create Model for Funnels:

HighLevel has made improvements to its funnel creation process. In the new update, users can create a funnel model that can be easily cloned and edited. This feature saves a lot of time in creating multiple funnels with similar structures. You can create a model funnel with pre-made stages such as email marketing, social media campaigns, and landing pages, then clone it as many times as needed, saving you the time and hassle of creating each funnel from scratch.

Improved and Redesigned Website:

HighLevel has also redesigned its website to provide a better user experience. The website is now more organized and easier to navigate. HighLevel has included an option to clone websites and organize them within folders. This feature ensures that users can keep their websites organized, even when they have many different sites to manage. Organizing websites within folders also makes it easier to find specific sites quickly and efficiently.


Internationalization is another feature that HighLevel has included in its update. This feature allows users to use the software globally. Users can create funnels and websites in different languages and adjust the time zone to match their location. This means that users can market to a global audience, making HighLevel a more inclusive platform.

Clone Funnels or Websites within Folders:

One of the most exciting features in this update is the ability to clone funnels or websites within folders. This feature is especially convenient for users who manage multiple clients or businesses. You can now clone entire funnels or websites within a folder and make any necessary changes easily. It is also possible to make changes to the original funnel or website and see those changes replicated across all cloned versions in the same folder.

Space Validation:

Space validation has been added to all forms, ensuring that all necessary fields are filled out. This feature is incredibly helpful because it saves time by alerting users of incomplete forms before they submit them. It also helps to prevent errors when filling out forms, ensuring that all the necessary information is provided.


HighLevel’s new update is packed with features that make digital marketing more accessible and efficient. The ability to create model funnels, clone websites within folders, and include internationalization is a game-changer. HighLevel’s continued commitment to improving its software is evident in this latest update. This video review from HighLevel is a must-see for all users of digital marketing software. Sean signs off, promising another video soon, leaving users excited to see what other new features and improvements HighLevel has in store for them.