How To Create a Pipeline

Foreign [Music] Welcome to our quick tutorial and for Today we're going to show you how to Create pipelines within the system so First off we need to be within a sub Account Then look for the opportunities tab Look for Pipelines And then click on the create new Pipeline button so once you do that There will be a pop-up but before we Start creating one Let's just simply Define what a pipeline Is So a pipeline is simply A visual Representation of your business's Process so in order for you to determine Which part of the process your leads are At That's why we have what we call stages So you'll know which lead to focus or Follow-up on in case they get stuck in a Particular stage So first off let's go ahead and Rename the name rename our pipeline so Let's just say lead generation pipeline And then we'll start determining the Stages so Usually for Um other agencies the first stage of the Pipeline would always be new leads Because that's when Um your contacts or your leads come in

So next would be Um something Like follow up Or it could be like a appointment book Then could be Close one Or Loss opportunity something of that sort So you can also determine which one uh Which stage would follow next by Clicking on the up and down directional Buttons so for example if you wish to Move this particular stage next to New Leads you just simply click that if you Want that to move after follow-up or Come after follow-up then Just use the directional buttons So you also have the option to make it Visible in the funnel chart in the pie Chart so uh let's just go ahead and save It and I'm going to show you where it's Going to be visible So if you go to dashboard So you can you can choose the lead Generation pipelines for example so this Is where a visual representation as well Will show depending on Um Like for which contacts are on which Stage so if you go to Opportunities this Is where you'll see All your contacts that are on different Stages in your pipeline So you can simply drag and drop them

From one stage to another Or you can create a workflow in order For you to automate the process as well Like for example if they read the booked An appointment you can you can use the Trigger Um Update opportunity And use that to create a set of actions Like when they re when they already Booked the appointment then the system Would uh like send them emails or SMS to Remind them of the appointment and so on And so forth So if ever that you wanted to make Um edits or if you wanted to make some Changes on your pipeline you can just Simply go to pipelines and then click on The pencil icon And for example if you wish to delete The stage you can just click on this on The trashcan icon And again if you want if you wish to add The stage then Just click on the add station then type In the name of the stage that you wanted To add for your pipeline And that's it that's how you can create Your pipeline So if ever did you have questions don't Hesitate to ask That's all for today have a good day Thanks for watching this short how-to Video for more how-to videos check out

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