How to Create a Root Domain and Attach it to Your Account

Welcome to this tutorial on creating a Root domain and setting it up in your Site we'll guide you through Establishing a domain with a domain Registrar integrating it into your Account and associating it with a funnel Or website Let's get started I would like to begin By explaining the difference between a Root domain and a subdomain our root Domain is the primary domain name you Register forming the foundation of your Website for example Subdomains are additional components Added to the root domain creating Separate web addresses for organizing Content or providing specific services For example I will cover how to use subdomains with Your sites in another video step 1. Register your domain choose a domain Registrar GoDaddy name cheap cloudflare Or Google domains and visit their Website search for your desired domain Name and check its availability Once you've found an available domain Complete the registration process and Purchase the domain Step 2 create the a record for your root Domain proceed to create the a record For your domain Make sure you use this IP address [Music] As provided in the tooltip here as the

Value of your root domain If you are using cloudflare make sure That the proxy status for the a record Is set to DNS only cloudflare proxy is Not compatible with our system Step 3 add the domain to your account Login to your account Switch to the desired sub-account and Navigate to the settings section Locate the domain settings click the add New domain button and enter your root Domain Choose a default page for your domain Which helps avoid a 404 error Save your new domain settings Step 4 configure your new domain in your Account navigate to the sites Tab and The website or funnel you want to Associate with your new domain Locate the websites or funnels domain Settings And select your new domain from the list Of available options Save your funnel or website domain Settings in your funnel or website Should now be configured to use your new Root domain That's it you've successfully created a Root domain configured it with Cloudflare and set it up for use in your Account now you can create and utilize Website and funnel functionalities with Your custom domain If you encounter any issues consult our

Support team or help Library happy Marketing