How To Create and Manage a Smartlist

Foreign [Music] Welcome to our quick tutorial and for Today we're going to show you how to Create and manage a smart list The first stuff we need to be within a Sub-account then look for the contacts Tab And then go to more filters So but before we do that before we start Creating one let's just quickly Define What a smart list is so a smart list is A set of Saved Builders used to segment The CRM database so a common use case For smart list creation is to segment The contacts or to segregate the leads That include for example a specific tag Or it could be their city or their Address or it could be a custom field That you created for that particular Contact so we will go ahead and create a Smart list for contacts using a specific Tag for this example so if we go to more Filters we'll be using tag And then for this example we'll be using Star Wars to filter out the contacts That has this tag Then click apply And if for example if you have or if you Want to be more specific you can use More filters which will Um make the the segregation much easier So while most views are these you can Also use contact information

Um contact activity opportunity Information membership Attribution and custom Fields so Remember that you are finished with the Filters that you need then just click on Save a smart list Then it will ask you to rename uh that Particular smart list so for example We'll name this marked list as Star Wars because that's what they're Tagged with so let's save And now We have already created our smart list So for example if you go back to Contacts You can simply click on this marked list And that automatically filters out all The contacts that have the same text So it will be easier for you to just Choose them for you to send them over to A specific campaign or to send them to An email campaign so that's actually the Main purpose why we would create smart Lists in the in the first place so you Can also manage marked list by going Here So we can either rename them you can Also copy them share them or you can Even delete them So that's how you can manage smart list So if you go to smart lists This will list out all the smart lists That they created and then again Whatever you wanted to manage them just

Click on manage smart list as easy as That So all right so if ever you have any Other questions do not hesitate to ask And that's it for today have a good day Thanks for watching this short how-to Video for more how-to videos check out The 2023 how-to playlist in the go high Level YouTube channel [Music]