How To Create Custom Fields

Foreign [Music] Hey everyone Welcome to our quick Tutorial and for today I'm going to show You how we're going to create your own Custom field so what is a custom field So for example if you're creating a form Let's go to sites And let's go to the Builder So let's say that you are creating your Own form And you need to create A field that you can't see on the Already pre-built ones that's when you Go to custom fields to create your own So first off we go to Add custom field so you click the golden Button And as you can see we have different Types of custom fields that you can Actually create so for text input we Have single line and as you can see this This is the preview So basically you use this for a specific Uh for example you want them to to put In or type in their answer for that Particular question so you can put Single line or a multi-line for example Um you're requiring them to put in a Particular statement or to explain some Stuff about their business so you can Use multi-line Another would be a text box list So you have the option for them to put

In their first option or their second Option so for example what is their Um Market or market location so for Example so you can have them put in Their answer for box one box two and so Forth So next we have Um Values So number so basically it will only Allow numerical values For phone of course it's going to Um only accept phone numbers and I they Also will get to have the option to Choose their country so that it will Automatically populate the country code So next we have a monetary so of course Um you have the option to choose Um the currency and the amount And next we do have uh for choosing Options we have a single drop down Um multiple drop downs so if you want Them to choose a specific option in your Form then you can do those we do have Radio select so radio buttons basically Only allows one to choose one option Between a couple of options so if you Choose this they can only activate the Radio button it won't allow them Multiple if you want to have them to Activate multiple then you can choose Checkbox for that particular custom Field and then we also have a date Picker so for example you're going to

Ask them when's the best time to call Them or when would they like to have Their appointment then you can choose The date picker so It opens the calendar we're in they can Choose the date and that's it And then others we also have four file Uploads if you want them to upload a Specific file for example a PDF of their Documents then you can choose this same Thing with signature So for this example we're just going to Use let's say a multi-line So let's choose that And then click next So now you just put in the name of the Field So let's just say [Music] Um Statement So Object will be contact Group you have the option to where you Want to have this particular information Like once they're done filling out the Form where they wanted to populate on Their account once you once you go and Check contacts and uh you can choose Whether it's on contact general info or Additional info So for this one let's just choose General info so placeholder is something That uh they'll see on the on the field

Itself so kind of like gives them a hint Of what they need to uh to put in or Type in so let's say [Music] Um Favorite code Or favorite color And people value just leave it blank if You wish And then click save And that's it So that actually adds to uh as the field So if we go here Sorry about that Go back to Custom Fields let me use that so we they Can choose option one option two Something like that So that's it and if ever did you have Questions feel free to Shoot us a message Have a good day Thanks for watching this short how-to Video for more how-to videos check out The 2023 how-to playlist in the go high Level YouTube channel [Music]