How To Enable the Missed Call Text Back Feature

Foreign [Music] Welcome to our quick tutorial and for Today I'm going to show you how to Enable your missed call text back Feature so first off you need to be on The sub account where you want to Activate the feature Then all you have to do is to go to Settings Then under business profile Just uh Scroll down until you see the missed Call text back So all you have to do is to activate the Checkbox And then you'll see here The option for you to create an optional Missed text back call message so for Example hi this is the business name we Just missed your call how can I help you Or you could say that you can also reach Us through this number or you can send Us a message or your questions or Something like that and then enter the Mobile number that you wanted to show or Where you wanted to have this message Sent You can also send the test for you to See if it works after that you can just Save miscal text settings And you're good to go that's it All right if you have any other Questions don't hesitate to ask

Alright have a good day thanks for Watching this short how-to video for More how-to videos check out the 2023 How to playlist in the go high level YouTube channel [Music] Thank you