How to Filter Opportunities Using Custom Opportunity Fields in Your CRM

How to Filter Opportunities Using Custom Opportunity Fields in Your CRM


In this article, we will explore the valuable functionality of custom opportunity fields in your CRM system. By learning how to effectively use and filter these fields, we can gain a deeper understanding of the leads in our pipelines and improve our sales strategy. To illustrate these concepts, we will examine a case study from a roofing company.

Case Study: Roofing Company

Let’s imagine we are managing a roofing company and are in charge of the sales team. Our CRM system contains a wealth of information about potential leads and opportunities. By utilizing custom opportunity fields, we can gather specific details about each lead and tailor our sales strategies accordingly.

Checking Lead Details

In order to effectively filter opportunities, we need to first examine the lead details. By navigating to the opportunity section of our CRM, we can access individual leads and review their relevant information. This includes details such as the lead’s industry, location, and contact information. Taking the time to analyze these details gives us a better understanding of each lead’s needs and preferences.

Applying Filters

Once we have familiarized ourselves with the lead details, we can apply specific filters to streamline our sales process. Custom opportunity fields allow us to categorize our leads based on various criteria. For example, we may create custom fields to track the lead’s budget, timeline, or specific requirements. By applying these filters, we can easily identify leads that fit certain criteria and prioritize our sales efforts accordingly.

Creating Custom Fields

If the default fields in our CRM system do not fully capture the information we need, creating custom fields is an effective solution. For instance, we can create a custom field called “Lead Source,” which allows us to track how each lead discovered our company. This information can help us identify our most successful marketing channels and allocate resources accordingly.

Using Custom Fields to Enhance Sales Strategy

Understanding and implementing custom opportunity fields and filters can greatly enhance our sales strategy. By segmenting our leads based on specific criteria, we can tailor our approach to meet their individual needs. This personalized approach increases the chances of conversion and builds stronger relationships with our leads.

Benefits of Filtering Opportunities Using Custom Fields

  • Improved lead qualification: Filtering opportunities based on specific criteria allows us to prioritize leads with the highest potential.
  • Personalized sales messaging: Custom fields provide us with valuable insights, enabling us to craft tailored messages that resonate with our leads.
  • Efficient resource allocation: By focusing on leads that match our desired criteria, we optimize our resources and increase sales productivity.

In conclusion, using custom opportunity fields and filters within our CRM system provides us with a powerful tool to better understand our leads and improve our sales strategy. By effectively handling lead details, applying filters, and creating custom fields, we can maximize our chances of success and strengthen our relationships with potential customers. So let’s embrace the power of custom fields and take our sales efforts to new heights!