How To Promote ClickFunnels Like a Boss (Easy 2021 method). Learn how to make money online

How To Promote ClickFunnels Like a Boss (Easy 2021 method). Learn how to make money online

I’m going to show you why everyone is promoting Click Funnels on youtube, Hi guys James here i hope you’re having a great day in today’s video i’m going to show you why everyone and their mother is promoting ClickFunnels I’ll start by telling you why they are promoting click funnels and then show you how you can do the same to earn big bucks this method i’m going to share with you is a method that others actually charge money for and sell it in paid marketing courses and i’m going to share it with you for free all you need for this method guys is a click funnels account a free moose and account some basic templates and a free traffic source i will show you how to take all these things and then turn it into a system that stamps money so stick around and i’ll show you how also if you do enjoy content or videos like this and you want to see more videos that are packed full of helpful tips tricks and money making methods smash that like button and subscribe so you don’t miss out now before i show you the method that others are actually charging money for uh let me first explain why people promote click funnels and why this method works so well so i’m gonna go over here we’re gonna go over to the click funnels uh pricing page right here and as you can see there is three tiers the cheapest one is ninety seven dollars per month okay and as an affiliate guys when you’re working as an affiliate for click funnels you’re going to get 40 of that paid you as a commission when they sign up and they they pay okay so that works at around 38 or 39 per commission you earn on each sign up now that 38 commission is just for the lowest price package they offer at 97 per month of course if you get someone signs up for this one for 297 it’s going to be about uh i don’t know 110 120 you’re going to get roughly so 40 of this and the same thing the 40 of that so whatever they sign up for out of any of these three packages you get 40 commission but that’s not even the best part what’s really nice about click funnels is they offer reoccurring billing commission so basically for the life of the account as long as they’re paying for a subscription you get paid a commission for that subscription 40 so if they start off and let’s say they sign up for this one here for the first month and then they upgrade to this one you’ll get paid the commission of this one here whatever they’re paying for anything they buy after you referred them you get paid your commission for okay so as you can see this can easily add up to quite a bit i mean you only need about 50 to 100 people hooked up to a monthly subscription to start making some decent money and getting 15 people signed up to something like this is very doable guys and i’ll get into how you can do this later on in the video also guys click funnel does an amazing job of actually promoting and upselling to people once they’ve signed up so basically anytime someone signs up to click funnels click funnels starts marketing to them so you don’t have to do anything they have like ebooks courses webinars all kinds of stuff basically tons of marketing tricks that they use to generate sales um you know all kinds of trip wires back-end upsells basically anything you can think of clickfunnels does and tries to promote their products once you referred them and anything they sign up to through that marketing their active marketing that they are paying for you earn a commission okay and guys if you want to learn how to properly promote a service guys just study what clickfunnels does because they really know what they’re doing and they they really are a 
master when it comes to marketing so if you ever want to get some tips or tricks on how to how to do some marketing just take a look at what they’re doing and this referral is lifetime so for example let’s say you sign someone up okay you refer someone to the trial the 14-day trial at the end of the 14 days they decide not to subscribe then let’s say that same person a year later logs back into the account and they pre-purchase i don’t know a year’s worth of service okay so something like this
for like 900 like almost a thousand dollars worth of service you would still get your 40 commission on that whole sale like 400 so 400 or if it was this one here it’s going to be like 11 000 somebody pre-pays for a whole year and you referred them you’re going to get 11 000 commission there’s a lot of money you can make from doing this guys and because they do that sort of lifetime referral thing so anything they purchase you can really it really adds up and you can start making some decent money for it and that’s basically why everyone is promoting it guys it pays well and it’s easy to make a steady income from and i’ll include a link down below where you can uh just it’ll take you to this page here so you can read more about click funnels and stuff like that if you’ve never worked with them before it’ll take you right to this page here and you can read all this stuff and get all this information okay now it’s time to tell you how you can do the same and show you the method that 
people are actually charging money for i’m not going to tell you who is charging money for this method uh but i will share the method with you and there’s two ways you can do it okay there’s a far less involved way where you simply just create a landing page and you list all the features and benefits and then drive traffic to that page and hope a percentage of people click through and sign up for the free trial this can work and people do make money doing that but the best way and the way that i would recommend is to create a drip feed marketing funnel the goal this funnel is to keep people interested in using the product past the 14 day trial period and the reason why it works so well in this method is so powerful is that because there is a short 14-day trial it’s just long enough for someone to get started uh test out some things start a campaign and start to see maybe some results and this makes them somewhat dependent and hopeful on the service and then they sign up for the first month and you make your commission okay and that’s the way this makes it really easy to get them hooked and using the service using the technique i’m going to be sharing with you also guys full disclosure uh i do not use click funnels anymore uh i’ve moved on to a better solution for landing pages which i cover in my free training course uh i’ll include a link down below if you’re interested where you can sign up and get started with a free training uh anyways guys uh the first thing you need to do is create a simple landing page um something like this here okay uh now this landing page was not created using click funnels because i don’t have an account of click funnels i don’t use it anymore but you can easily create this exact same or this type of landing page using click funnels uh and this landing page is going to be your initial lead magnet okay so you’re gonna use this landing page as a lead magnet okay um and you’re basically offering for free for them to sign up to your mailing list okay and you guys you don’t actually have to create the lead magnet on it so on this page here there’s a lead magnet giving away this free e-book you don’t need to actually have this or give it to them it’s nice if you do uh your main thing is that you’re giving them this template to use for themselves okay that’s your lead magnet is this page right here where they can use it on click funnels okay now the next thing you need is you’re gonna need to create a second landing page okay this is the landing page that we’re gonna send all your traffic to okay and you’re gonna offer that first landing page as your lead magnet so something simple like this like again this was not created using click funnels but you could very easily create this uh using click funnels and it’s a very simple landing page it just offers a lead magnet which is the free template okay get tested and proven landing page templates for free simply just list some features some benefits um you know just a basic landing page something like this will work okay and what you’re gonna offer is a lead magnet is this page right here so this template is going to be given to them when they sign up for your mailing list okay that’s the first thing you need to set up you need those two landing pages one to give away and one to collect their email address from your goal with this landing page or your second landing page is to build a list of people are interested in free landing pages or online marketing okay your next step guys is to be is to go and to set up a automated email campaign using moo send okay i’ll include a link down below where you can get yourself a free account just click on the link sign up and you get yourself a free account from moose end okay now this is important guys when you’re setting up your campaign you need to start off by drip feeding them a series of emails that teaches them how to use the landing pages to make money uh maybe do five to seven um uh emails okay so in this first source series of emails the first five that you’re gonna send what you wanna do is you really wanna hook them you wanna set the hook here so you wanna give them lots of value you want to give them first you want to give them your landing page you promised them so this one right here you’re going to give them this template right away then you’re going to explain to them maybe in the second email how to make it work better or how to use it how to customize it or something like that then what you want to do after you’ve done that is you want to maybe give them another template okay give them even more added value so give them another landing page for free that they can use maybe for another product okay and you want to do that for about three or four different landing pages really give them a ton of content so they really love your emails and they’re happy to receive them that’s very important for the first uh first series okay so the first five emails that’s what you want to do is you want to teach them how to use these funnels and give them some more to use okay get them using the system getting comfortable with click funnels and get them you know using it that’s what you want then what you’re going to do is you after that you’re going to wait for around six days and then you’re gonna start sending emails okay again you’re going to do it again you’re going to send a bunch of emails again giving them more value more content and your goal with the second series of emails is to basically hit them just before the trial period ends so you want to start around like i don’t 

*Just a heads up. For most links or products I recommend you can assume I do so as an affiliate. I just want to be open and upfront with you. That being said, any products I do recommend are actual products I use myself. I only promote products I believe are worthwhile and of good value.

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