How To Setup an LC Email Dedicated Domain

Foreign Welcome to our quick tutorial and for Today I'm going to show you how to Create a dedicated domain for your LC Email So first off you need to have already Signed in to your account or to your Location Then go to settings look for email Services And then under SMTP service just look For dedicated domain So let's go ahead and Check this out So as you can see uh the reason why uh We need to create a dedicated domain is Because as you can see here sending from A dedicated domain improves the Likelihood of Landing in the inbox so Whatever that you are sending so let's Say that you are doing like email Campaigns for your leads then that would Greatly help with when it comes to Deliverability so that's the reason why You need to create a dedicated domain For your LC email So all right let's go ahead and do that So let's go here click on dedicated Domain And then click on ADD domain All right so it's going to ask you for The domain that you're going to use so You need to have like an extension in Your domain so at this point you need to

Have already purchased a domain so that You can create one you can add an Extension for your email so for example You can use inbox That and then your dedicated domain or Your domain So let's say uh the domain that I Purchase or I have is So you can you can actually change this Whatever extension that you want could Be mail It could be Um inbox or it could be email Dot and Then your domain So after that click on ADD and verify So it's already configured so if that's The case then we can use Email Then add and verify So once that happens it's going to Provide you some DNS records that you Need to add to your DNS provider so it Could be GoDaddy or uh like for Google Domains Um it could be like with Bluehost Something like that so as you can see Here you need to add two text records a Cname record into MX records So all you have to do is to copy this Up until here And then paste it to the hostname on Your DNS records and then it's going to Ask you for the value so just copy this

As well So once you add that hit on Save and That adds the DNS record So just do the same thing for for the Rest of the DNS records and then once You do so once you're done adding all The records you go back to this account And then click on verify domain So once you do that sometimes it will Show verified sometimes for the other Records it will show not verified so That's okay because again it may take Some time it may take a few minutes or a Few hours for the records to be verified So just be patient So just click on verify domain again Until You see that everything is already Verified so once everything is already Verified that means that you're good to Go So click on back to Dedicated domains And an SSL certificate should have been Issued as well so once that uh once you See this green Highlighted uh option is done for the SSL issued then that means that you're Good to go All right so that's how easily you can Create a dedicated domain for your LC Email which will improve deliverability For your emails all right if ever that You have any questions don't hesitate to Ask have a good day

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