iCloud Integration with GHL Calendar

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Today I'm going to show you how to Integrate your iCloud Calendar with your Highle calendar now there is a few Things to note the iCloud Calendar Integration only works for the following Calendars uh your class booking your Round robin your Collective your service Calendar it cannot integrate with just The simple calendar and there's an only One way sync is possible so that just Means any changes made in go high level Will be pushed to iCloud but any changes You make in the iCloud Calendar will not Be pushed to go high level so let's get Started you need to obain your app Specific password from Apple not your Apple ID password it's a totally Different thing so what we're going to Do is we're going to sign in to the Appleid.app ale.com so we're just going To sign in all right so once you're Signed in you're going to go to sign in And security this should be the screen You go to and then we're going to go Down to app specific passwords and then You're just going to click this little Plus button right here and then we're Just going to name this something like Go high Lev calendar or go high level so We'll just name it go high level one and Then we're going to create and then You're going to have to re-enter your Password and now your app specific Password is this and now you're just

Going to copy that and you're going to Put that somewhere safe cuz we're going To need that in a little bit so the next We're actually going to integrate this With go high level so what we're going To do is we're going to go to our sub Account and for this you're going to Want to make sure you're signed in as One of your users so the easiest way to Do that is just click log in here and Then select one of your users or you can Sign in a different way so we'll just Sign in and then we're going to go to Settings and then we're going to go to My profile and then we're going to Scroll down to the integration section And then we're going to see the iCloud Calendar right here and we're going to Connect and now you're going to enter Your iCloud email address and the iCloud Password that we just got from the other Page and then once it's done it should Look like this the status should say Connect it and now we have to configure Our primary calendar and check for Conflict so we're just going to go to Back to your mob my profile and then We're going to go to the primary Calendar right here and then we're going To select edit and then we're going to Select our account and then we're going To select our primary calendar so we can Just click new and then we can click Save