Image optimization for background images on funnels + bug fix live!

Hey happy Friday everybody Sean coming At you from high levels so we've got Some good updates today I can't wait Let's dive in so let's start with Updates to funnels and website previews So you can see there's a couple Enhancements here we're going to walk Through so first up is enable image Optimization for funnel step background So let's jump in here so okay so this is The funnel Builder so you get a funnel Builder there's a setting section right Cool and in the settings section there's A background image thing right so what's Cool is you can set a background image Right that's the whole idea but duh Right but the enhancement right is Background is Set uh to the step funnel Settings in the Builder will now be Optimized based on the image Optimization toggle in the funnel Settings that's a big sentence right but What that means is in the funnel Settings we kind of talked about this Yesterday or the day before something There is a image optimization toggle That sort of says Hey listen I want you To optimize all the images in the funnel Well the background image will not pay Attention to that toggle and based on That it'll decide whether or not to Optimize the image and the whole point Of the image and optimization what is That again that is all about making the

Funnels Faster by automatically looking At that image and then formatting it Both into the webp format which is a Specific format that's sort of like uh Super fast but also super quality and Then also resizing it dynamically if Let's say some people in fact a lot of People will upload images that are like The size of a like a Mac Truck but You're really and then the bra and then And they're only showing like a tiny Tiny version of it the problem with that Right is the browser actually has to Suck down the Mac Truck version and then And then you have all that data coming Down slugs down and slows down the page And then oh you're squeezing it down on The on the client side so what we're Doing instead is we're just Automatically realizing Hey listen they Only want that smaller version so it Ships a version down to the page it's Just already optimized for the viewing Size so anyways more details you want to Know but that's how it makes it faster And it's very cool let's scroll down Here oh that's another announcement in a Second and real quick just wanted to Throw this out bug fix order form fixed An issue where the order form Fields Border is not showing so that's another Uh quick update on the funnels and Websites so anyways on that note hope You're having an awesome Friday and I

Will see you in the next video thanks