Import Export Multiple Emails via CSV + Small bug fix

Hey everybody happy Wednesday Sean Coming at you from high level so I got I'm gonna just like do a two for one Special here I just wanted to mention This really quick bug fix you can see Right here they had an issue with Exporting form submissions when there Was a URL uh uh undefined so that's been Fixed awesome job for that team Um and then heads up here uh we have the Ability now uh it to a brand new feature So um when you import or export you can Now import multiple emails so real quick If you didn't know this we already Support multiple emails so if you go Into a CRM contacts here let me see if I Can find uh a cool Nifty screenshot for You two seconds Let's go let's try this one what do we Got okay so when you go into a contact We support multiple email addresses and By the way we'll have multiple phone Numbers out here in like in a gif like a Couple weeks Max and but now let's say You want to import a CSV file or export A CSV file but let's just take the Import case and you have multiple email Addresses you want to import that you Didn't used to be able to do that but Today that changes so you can kind of See it in the screenshot let me zoom in Here Um so oh oh I'm gonna learn how to use Slack someday so there's this additional

Emails field here you can see their Comma delimited so you just literally Comment the limit them in the CSV file And you can see that they'll go ahead And automatically import them in to that Additional emails uh Fields um here's a Good example of what they would look Like here on a spreadsheet so I keep Zooming in and out but you get the Picture there on that and then let's see Did I miss one the next one oh I think Maybe the other thing is just a sample CSV yeah so it's pretty simple all it Really is is adding that additional Emails column and then coming to Limiting them but it's pretty darn Useful if you want to actually import Multiple email addresses so anyways that Is live and on that note I hope all of You are having an amazing Wednesday and We will talk soon thanks