Improvements and Bug Fixes for WhatsApp App


Have you ever wondered about the latest updates and bug fixes in the WhatsApp app? Well, HighLevel has just released a video showcasing the improvements they have made to the app. Let’s dive into the review and explore the exciting changes that have been introduced to enhance your WhatsApp experience.

HighLevel Integration with Meta API

  • HighLevel has integrated WhatsApp with the official Meta API, providing users with a scalable and official platform to communicate seamlessly.
  • This integration not only enhances the user experience but also brings a sense of reliability to the table.

WhatsApp Icon Display Update

  • One notable improvement is the update on the last activity icon, which now displays the WhatsApp icon on the contact page.
  • This feature adds a visually pleasing element to the app and makes it easier for users to identify contacts using WhatsApp.

Real-Time Updates and Bug Fixes

  • HighLevel has focused on providing real-time updates on conversation timestamps, ensuring that users have accurate information on when messages were sent and received.
  • Bug fixes have been integrated to address any existing issues, resulting in a smoother and more efficient user experience.

In conclusion, the improvements and bug fixes introduced by HighLevel for the WhatsApp app have made communication more convenient and reliable. With the integration with the Meta API, enhanced icon display, real-time updates, and bug fixes, users can expect a more seamless experience while using the app. Stay tuned for more updates and enjoy a smoother WhatsApp experience!