Improving Email Deliverability and Streamlining Verification Process with LC Email Updates

Improving Email Deliverability and Streamlining Verification Process with LC Email Updates

Email marketing remains one of the most powerful marketing channels for businesses, but it’s not always as simple as hitting “send.” Email deliverability issues can undermine the effectiveness of this channel, meaning that your carefully crafted messages may never be seen by your audience.

High Level is aware of these difficulties, and that’s why they’ve launched LC Email, their internal emailing system to try and tackle these issues. The software replaces non-synced bulk emails, allowing for a streamlined and organized emailing process. This article will explore the various ways that High Level is improving email deliverability and streamlining the verification process with LC Email updates.


As the digital world becomes more saturated with marketing messages, it’s vital to ensure that your messages stand out from the crowd. Email marketing helps you to reach your target audience directly, but email deliverability issues can cause your messages to end up in the spam folder instead of your target’s inbox.

With High Level’s LC Email updates, email marketers can improve their chances of getting their messages seen. Let’s dive into the details!

Internationalization Support

One of the most exciting features of LC Email is the launch of internationalization support. This means that businesses can send out emails in multiple languages, which is essential if you’re operating in a global market.

With this feature, you can send customized emails to your different audiences, ensuring that your messages are clear, concise, and effective. This functionality makes it a lot easier to connect with your international audience through email, enabling you to expand your market base and reach those that speak different languages.

Email Verification

Email verification is an essential feature that can make a considerable difference in email deliverability and marketing ROI. With LC Email, businesses can bulk enable this feature for all their sub-accounts, ensuring a clean and compliant email list.

Email validation prevents mistyped or invalid email addresses from being added to your list, which can cause damage to your email domain reputation. For instance, an excessive number of hard bounces on your email campaigns will affect your sender’s reputation negatively, which will ultimately isolate your emails to spam filters. Email verification builds trust with internet service providers (ISPs) and improves overall deliverability, ensuring that your emails reach your subscribers’ inboxes.

Deliverability Updates

Deliverability is an essential element of email marketing. High Level boasts some of the best deliverability rates in the industry, thanks to their diligent management of IP addresses, shared domains, and email senders.

To ensure that emails are delivered to all subscribers, High Level categorizes senders into several groups based on performance and reputation. This allows High Level to monitor how emails are received across different ISPs, ensuring that deliverability issues are quickly identified and resolved.

In addition, High Level is continuously adding new domains and IP addresses to stay ahead of deliverability challenges. All these steps guarantee that businesses that use LC Email can count on their messages landing where they’re intended.

Managing Email Deliverability

LC Email provides clients with detailed explanations of the email services to keep them informed about strategies, limitations, and performance updates. By informing email marketers of industry best practices, High Level ensures that they understand the importance of email deliverability and become involved in improving it.

High Level is committed to refining email services to ensure that all stakeholders are happy with the results they see. The company seeks to understand critical industry developments and regulations to ensure that their services are compliant, innovative, and secure.


In conclusion, High Level’s LC Email updates provide a powerful tool for businesses to ensure that their emails are delivered straight to their audience. By streamlining the verification process, supporting internationalization, and offering detailed explanations for email optimization, High Level provides businesses with a competitive edge in the crowded and complex world of email marketing.

Exciting announcements are promised tomorrow, which will undoubtedly further improve the High Level experience, so stay tuned!