Introducing Community Drag & Drop: Boost Course Efficiency with SAAS Configurator and 60% Faster Speed


Welcome to our review of HighLevel’s latest video, which introduces the exciting new feature of Community Drag & Drop. In this article, we will explore how this feature can significantly boost course efficiency through the use of SAAS Configurator, delivering a 60% faster speed for users.

Our Huge and Amazing Course Creation

HighLevel’s product offers a tremendous course creation aspect that sets it apart from other platforms. With our user-friendly interface, creating courses becomes a breeze. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced educator, you will find our course creation tools intuitive and effective.

Constantly Enhanced Communities Feature

At HighLevel, we believe in constantly enhancing our product to meet the evolving needs of our users. Our communities feature is a prime example of this commitment. We are continuously adding new features and functionalities to ensure an optimal learning experience.

  • Improved Communication: We understand the importance of seamless communication within communities. Therefore, we have integrated advanced chat and messaging systems, enabling users to connect and collaborate effortlessly.

  • Enhanced User Interaction: HighLevel has also added features to promote user engagement within communities. Users can now like, comment, and share posts, fostering a sense of interconnectedness and facilitating knowledge exchange.

Introducing Drag & Drop Feature

One of the most exciting recent additions to HighLevel’s product is the drag and drop feature. This innovative tool empowers users to rearrange their courses effortlessly within the learning tab, resulting in a more streamlined and efficient learning experience.

  • Improved Organization: With the drag and drop feature, users can easily rearrange their courses, placing the most relevant and frequently accessed content at their fingertips.

  • Customizable Learning Experience: The drag and drop functionality allows users to tailor their learning journey. They can choose the order in which they consume content, ensuring a personalized and efficient experience.

Boost Course Efficiency with SAAS Configurator

HighLevel understands the importance of optimizing efficiency for course creators. With our SAAS Configurator, you can supercharge your course creation process. This tool offers a range of options to customize your courses, giving you the power to deliver exceptional learning content in less time.

  • Effortless Course Design: The SAAS Configurator simplifies the course design process, enabling you to create professional and visually appealing courses without any technical expertise.

  • Time-Saving Features: With the SAAS Configurator, you can save valuable time by leveraging pre-built templates, layouts, and styling options. You can easily customize these elements according to your branding and preferences.


HighLevel’s Community Drag & Drop feature, combined with the power of SAAS Configurator, offers course creators an unrivaled opportunity to boost course efficiency and deliver learning content at a rapid pace. With HighLevel, you can achieve a 60% increase in speed while offering an engaging learning experience to your users. Embrace the power of HighLevel today and transform the way you create and manage courses.