Introducing Live Custom Field Support for Contract & Document Signing

Introducing Live Custom Field Support for Contract & Document Signing


We are excited to announce the new feature added to HighLevel – Live Custom Field Support for Contract & Document Signing! In this article, we will explore how this enhancement improves the efficiency and flexibility of working with documents and contracts.

Seamlessly integrate floating text field elements

With this new update, HighLevel now supports floating text field elements in the document and contract editor. This means that you can easily add text fields to your documents and contracts, allowing for a more interactive and customizable experience.

Flexible placements and sizing

Gone are the days of rigidly positioned text fields. The floating text fields seamlessly integrate with the documents and contracts, allowing flexible placements and sizing. Whether you want to add a text field in the middle of a page or position it on the side, HighLevel provides you with the freedom to design your documents and contracts as per your preferences.

Streamlined process with assigned text fields

Assigning text fields to specific individuals has never been easier. Now, you can streamline the process by assigning text fields to relevant parties involved in the signing process. This eliminates confusion and ensures that each party knows exactly where they need to fill in the necessary information. Say goodbye to back-and-forth emails and confusion over document sections!

Enhancing productivity with high-level features

In addition to the live custom field support, HighLevel offers a range of other features to enhance your productivity:

  • Intuitive Interface: HighLevel provides a user-friendly interface, ensuring that you can navigate through the platform effortlessly.
  • Automation: Streamline your workflow with automation features, reducing manual tasks and saving valuable time.
  • Integration: Easily integrate HighLevel with various software tools and platforms, allowing for a seamless workflow.

At HighLevel, we understand the importance of efficient contract and document signing. That’s why we are continuously improving our platform to meet the evolving needs of businesses and professionals.

So, why wait? Try out the Live Custom Field Support for Contract & Document Signing feature on HighLevel today and experience the enhanced flexibility and efficiency for yourself!

Remember, with HighLevel, document and contract signing have never been easier!

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