Introducing Proposal & Estimate Triggers in Live Workflows!


Hello everyone! Today, I am excited to introduce you to a fantastic new feature that will revolutionize the way we handle proposals and estimates in Live Workflows. With the recent update, we now have Proposal and Estimate Triggers at our disposal, enabling us to automate various actions seamlessly. Let’s dive into the details and explore the significant advantages this brings to our workflow management.

Streamlining Actions with Proposal & Estimate Triggers

Gone are the days of manually executing multiple tasks associated with proposals and estimates. With the new and improved workflow builder, I can harness the power of automation, saving valuable time and effort. Here’s how Proposal and Estimate Triggers work:

  1. Automation After Sending and Receiving

Sending and receiving proposals or estimates triggers the automation process effortlessly. I can initiate actions immediately after these events occur. For instance, upon sending a proposal, I can automatically schedule follow-up reminders to ensure prompt client responses. On the other hand, when a proposal is received, I can trigger tasks that update our internal tracking systems or notify team members of the successful delivery.

  1. Comprehensive Conditional Actions

The flexibility of conditional actions is now extended to proposals and estimates. I can create customized workflows based on the status of each document – sent, signed, accepted, or completed. This remarkable feature enables me to optimize workflow management and adapt to various scenarios seamlessly. For example, once a proposal is accepted, I can automatically generate invoices or contracts, eliminating redundant manual tasks.

  1. Personalized Communication with Custom Values

Effective communication is key, and our new feature allows me to personalize automated emails or communications easily. I can incorporate custom values such as the names of signatories in the automation process. This personalized touch enhances client relationships and adds a touch of professionalism to our interactions.


In conclusion, the introduction of Proposal and Estimate Triggers in Live Workflows marks a significant milestone in our workflow management journey. The ability to automate actions after sending and receiving proposals or estimates streamlines our processes, saves time, and increases efficiency. With conditional workflow actions and the inclusion of custom values in communications, we can provide a personalized experience to our clients effortlessly. Give it a try, and witness the remarkable difference that Proposal and Estimate Triggers bring to your workflow management. Happy automating!