Introducing the Latest Addition to GrooveMember – Button Label Settings Feature


Are you looking for a way to customize your online courses with ease? Do you want to make your courses look professional and stand out from the competition? If so, then you need to check out the latest addition to GrooveMember – the Button Label Settings Feature.

GrooveFunnels offers the most powerful and all-in-one platform that helps entrepreneurs and business owners create, market, and sell their products online. GrooveFunnels is known for its superior user-friendly platform, which provides an array of tools that help users to create professional-looking pages, funnels, and websites in no time. GrooveFunnels also offers a range of tutorials and resources for their products, making it easy for users to learn how to use the platform effectively.

With the new update, users of GrooveMember can now customize their labels and buttons in courses. GrooveMember’s update allows quick and easy editing of labels and buttons, which provides users with more control and customization options.

This latest feature is considered a useful addition to GrooveFunnels’ already phenomenal service, and in this article, we will explore how this feature works and how it can benefit you.

1. How to Access GrooveMember Button Label Settings Feature

The new Button Label Settings feature is a game-changer for GrooveMember users as it enables them to control and customize their courses. With this feature, users can now edit buttons in GrooveMember, which was previously hard-coded.

To access the Button Label Settings feature, log in to GrooveMember, and from the dashboard, click on “Courses.” Then, choose the course where you want to make changes and click on “Settings” at the top of your screen. Scroll down to the “Label Settings” section, and you will find all the options to customize your course buttons and labels.

2. How to Customize Button Label Settings in GrooveMember

Once you have accessed the Label Settings section, you can easily customize your labels and buttons for your course. You can change label settings, customize login pages, and modify all buttons in courses. The customizations you make here will apply to all courses you create in the future.

To begin, click on the label or button you want to modify. A popup will appear, providing you with several customization options. You can change the text of the label or button, as well as the font size and color. You can also change the background color, padding, and alignment of the button or label.

Once you have made your changes, click on “Save,” and the changes will take effect immediately.

3. Benefits of GrooveMember Button Label Settings Feature

The ability to customize labels and buttons within GrooveMember courses provides several benefits to course creators. Here are just a few of the advantages:

  • More Control: With the new Label Settings feature, course creators have more control over their courses. They can now customize buttons and labels to suit their branding and design needs.

  • Enhanced User Experience: Customizing labels and buttons enhances the overall user experience for your students. Clear and visible labels and buttons can help your students navigate through your courses with ease, leading to better engagement and retention.

  • Professional-Looking Courses: Customized labels and buttons can make your courses look more professional and sophisticated. As a result, the value of your courses may increase, and your brand’s reputation will improve.


To sum up, GrooveMember’s new Button Label Settings feature is an excellent addition to the platform. The new customization options provided by this feature give course creators more control in designing their courses, improving the user experience, and making their courses look more professional. With this update, GrooveFunnels continues to provide more value to its users and establishes itself as the most user-friendly all-in-one platform for online business owners.

Are you ready to take your courses to the next level? Sign up for free lifetime access to GrooveFunnels today, and start customizing your courses with this new feature!