Introducing the Newly Launched Client Portal Home Screen!

Introducing the Newly Launched Client Portal Home Screen!


In today’s technologically advanced world, businesses are constantly striving to enhance user experience and streamline their processes. HighLevel, a leading marketing automation platform, has recently introduced an exciting new feature in their client portal called the preview dashboard. This innovative addition provides clients with a conveniently accessible home screen that offers a plethora of useful features. Let’s delve deeper into what makes the newly launched client portal home screen so special.

A Brand-New Feature: The Preview Dashboard

The preview dashboard is a game-changer when it comes to client portals. It serves as a centralized hub where clients can access a wide range of features and functionalities effortlessly. HighLevel boasts a comprehensive suite of tools covering various aspects of management, including courses, memberships, communities, affiliate management, and invoices. These features are now conveniently accessible through the preview dashboard, creating a seamless experience for clients.

Customizable Home Screen

The home screen of the client portal is fully customizable, enabling clients to tailor their experience according to their unique needs. One impressive aspect of the customization options is the ability to track profile completion information. It ensures that clients stay organized and up-to-date with their progress. Additionally, the home screen provides options for customization, allowing users to personalize their portal to align with their branding.

Quick Navigation Icons

Navigation is a breeze with the inclusion of quick navigation icons on the home screen. With just a few clicks, clients can effortlessly access the desired features or modules within the client portal. HighLevel understands the importance of saving time and minimizing hassle, and the quick navigation icons are a testament to their commitment to providing a user-friendly experience.

To sum it up, HighLevel’s newly launched client portal home screen offers a wide range of benefits and features. The preview dashboard, with its centralized access to courses, memberships, communities, affiliate management, and invoices, simplifies the client experience. The customizable home screen, profile completion tracking, and quick navigation icons ensure that users can personalize their experience while swiftly accessing the tools they need. HighLevel once again proves why it is a leader in the marketing automation industry, constantly striving to deliver innovative solutions that cater to businesses’ evolving needs.