Invoicing Updates Better UI, faster navigation, & CSV downloads!

Hey happy Tuesday everybody Sean coming At you from high levels so wanted to Talk about some uh payment and invoicing Updates so you can see right over here We've got some really cool enhancements We'll kind of walk through this real Quick but before we get into it if you Didn't know this we have invoicing in The system which is phenomenal and we Also have estimates and proposals and Outlook or sorry Outlook QuickBooks Online integration coming later this Quarter so anyways if you haven't Checked that out please do but today We're going to talk about some uh Updates here so we've standardized the List view of invoices order Subscriptions and transactions in the Payments menu so you can see they just Look a lot prettier and they are a lot More standard we've added the ability to Export invoices to CSV including their Status amount and other details uh let's See where can we see that oh yeah oh Preparing your downloads see there you Go there's the download button oh yeah It's right there you can see it kind of It's like the down arrow thingy so That's how that works um improve one Click navigation from the list so if you Click a customer so like this is kind of Cool so back over here someplace oh yeah Like this person if you click Mackenzie It's going to automatically jump to that

Uh that customer or that invoice or that Order detail the source so just makes Navigation a lot faster uh download a Date and time uh in the CSV will be uh In the sub accounts time zone so that's Kind of cool uh and Tesco transactions Will now be represented with an info Icon next to the transaction amount so Users can easily identify them so like This 10 000 well a one hundred and ten Dollar I that's a that's a uh test Transaction so anyways um awesome job as A team for getting this out um Definitely go check it out if you Haven't seen it otherwise I hope all of You have an amazing Tuesday and we will Talk soon thanks