KEAP Campaign – **Coaching Website Lead Form Followup** – **Jan Ferguson**

KEAP Campaign - **Coaching Website Lead Form Followup** - **Jan Ferguson**

KEAP is an all-in-one CRM, marketing automation , invoicing/payment and customer management application used by over 125,000 entrepreneurs and small businesses. Keap’s main focus is on entrepreneurs. Their CRM and sales and marketing tools help you save money and get more done with less work so you can grow your business. They also provide support, coaching, and Partner assistance to help you grow at any stage of your business.

In this video I tell you how I came to create this Keap Advanced Automation Campaign, then I show you how it is possible to run the campaign with total control of what a prospective lead enters into a public web form so that you are prepared when you speak with the lead on the followup from the web contact form.

I show you how using a “decision diamond” can assist you in routing the answer to a dropdown, or other multiple choices, to the correct sequence for further notifications and knowledge of what the prospect would like to discuss with you.

Finally, I also show you how you can ascertain what your prospect has done in the email regarding the licking of buttons or URL links. When the prospect clicks on a link or button, the campaign will notify you as to the email being viewed and inform you as to whichever link was activated.

I hope this video is helpful and should you have any questions, please comments below.

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