Live Demo: Explore Calendar Items with Real-time User Time Zone Integration!


In a recent video created by HighLevel, the team introduces an exciting enhancement to the view calendar feature. This update allows users to seamlessly view appointments and confirmation emails in their own time zone, providing a personalized and accurate representation of their schedules. By incorporating real-time user time zone integration, HighLevel has elevated the user experience and improved global accessibility.

Enhancing the View Calendar Feature

The team at HighLevel has taken user feedback into account and implemented a significant enhancement to the view calendar feature. Now, users have the ability to set their preferred time zone in the settings. As a result, all appointments in the calendar module will be displayed according to their chosen time zone. This feature not only saves users the hassle of converting time zones manually but also streamlines their scheduling process.

Personalized and Accurate Representation of Schedules

With the integration of real-time user time zone settings, HighLevel has eliminated the confusion that often arises when trying to coordinate appointments across different time zones. This update ensures that users no longer have to mentally adjust appointment times and avoids any potential scheduling conflicts due to miscommunication. By providing a customized view calendar experience, HighLevel has made managing appointments effortless and stress-free.

Improving Global Accessibility

One of the key advantages of the new time zone integration is the improvement in global accessibility. HighLevel users are located all around the world, and this enhancement caters to their diverse needs. No matter where a user is located, they can easily view their appointments and confirmation emails without having to mentally convert time zones. This update facilitates seamless communication and collaboration among HighLevel users from different parts of the globe.


HighLevel’s live demo showcasing the real-time user time zone integration within the view calendar feature is a game-changer for users. By allowing users to set their preferred time zone and automatically adjusting the displayed appointments, HighLevel has simplified scheduling and eliminated the hassle of time zone conversion. The personalized and accurate representation of schedules enhances the overall user experience, while the improved global accessibility makes HighLevel a go-to choice for businesses worldwide. With this update, HighLevel continues to demonstrate its commitment to providing innovative solutions that address the needs of its users. So, why wait? Be sure to explore the live demo and discover the time-saving benefits of this incredible feature!