Managing Weekly Working Hours and Date-Specific Availability on Your Calendar


Managing weekly working hours and date-specific availability on your calendar is essential for effective time management and scheduling. HighLevel, a powerful business management platform, offers an innovative solution with its feature-rich calendar area. In this article, we will review a video created by HighLevel that highlights the latest additions, improvements, and the new “What’s New” button, ensuring users can easily stay informed about new features.

The Calendar Area: Staying Updated with HighLevel

With the constant evolution of technology and the need for efficient planning, HighLevel recognizes the importance of keeping users in the loop about new features. The calendar area now includes a handy “What’s New” button, allowing users to have quick access to the latest developments.

Quick Updates on New Features

When navigating the calendar area in HighLevel, users can simply click on the “What’s New” button to discover the platform’s recent enhancements. This feature ensures that users always stay informed and up-to-date with new additions and improvements, guaranteeing a seamless user experience.

Staying Informed Made Easy

Gone are the days of searching for information about new features manually. HighLevel’s calendar area makes it effortless for users to stay informed with the click of a button. By simply accessing the “What’s New” feature, users can quickly catch up on the latest updates without the hassle of browsing through multiple pages or external sources.

The New Calendars Feature

In addition to the “What’s New” button, HighLevel introduces a new Calendars feature, further enhancing its comprehensive calendar management capabilities.

Stay Updated on the Latest Additions and Improvements

The Calendars feature offers users the ability to manage their weekly working hours and date-specific availability effectively. Users can easily customize their calendar settings to reflect their specific needs and preferences. With this feature, HighLevel streamlines the scheduling process, ensuring that users maximize their time and optimize their productivity.


HighLevel’s video provides valuable insight into the management of weekly working hours and date-specific availability through its powerful calendar area. The addition of the “What’s New” button ensures that users can effortlessly stay informed about new features and enhancements, maximizing their experience with the platform. With the Calendars feature, users can take control of their schedules and improve their time management practices. HighLevel continues to innovate and deliver top-notch solutions that empower businesses to thrive in their day-to-day operations.