Manual Approval of New SaaS Sub Accounts: Stay Informed with the Latest SaaS Update


In the digital world, spam accounts can pose a significant threat to agencies and businesses. They clutter up the system, waste valuable resources, and pose security risks. However, with the latest update from HighLevel, agencies can say goodbye to these nuisances. The new SaaS feature allows agencies to manually approve newly created sub-accounts, ensuring better account security and reducing spam. It’s an exciting development that will make a real difference in the online landscape.

Reducing Spam and Improving Account Security

With the manual approval feature, agencies now have greater control over their sub-accounts. Instead of automatically creating new accounts, HighLevel gives agencies the power to review and approve them. This important update ensures that only legitimate accounts are created, significantly reducing the risk of spam infiltration.

Pausing and Reviewing New Sub-Accounts

One of the standout features of HighLevel’s latest update is the ability to pause and review new sub-accounts. This means agencies can take the time to thoroughly assess each account before giving it the green light. By doing so, they can identify any potential spam accounts and prevent them from causing mayhem later on.

Manually Approving SaaS Sub-Accounts

HighLevel understands the importance of providing agencies with the tools necessary to combat spam effectively. That’s why this update also includes the option to manually approve each sub-account. This proactive approach will enable agencies to prevent spam account creation, ultimately protecting their resources and maintaining account security.


The new SaaS feature from HighLevel is a game-changer for agencies seeking to combat spam and enhance their account security. With the ability to pause, review, and manually approve sub-accounts, agencies now have greater control and peace of mind. Gone are the days of automatically generated spam accounts wreaking havoc. So, stay informed and take advantage of this latest SaaS update from HighLevel to protect your agency’s resources and ensure a spam-free environment.

Remember that high-quality content is essential to maintaining a strong online presence, and this latest update from HighLevel is a step in the right direction for agencies looking to achieve just that.