Meet Eliza

Foreign First of all my name is Chase Buckner I'll be your host today I'm the director Of product marketing here at high level Before high level a long time ago Actually founded my own agency with a Friend of mine uh flamed out Phenomenally in about a year And then right after that I joined uh Sort of partnered up with another guy Who was starting his own agency as the CEO because I learned I did not like Sales I didn't want to be in that CEO Sales type of role I was more of an Operations person and that worked out Very well we scaled that agency to over Seven figures over the course of about Uh six or seven years and so That led me to high level I got the Chance to join the team pretty early on And it has been absolute pleasure to Guide the platform on behalf of agencies Around the world Let's take a step back before we jump Into what Eliza is and does I want to Talk about the evolution of an agency Because I think this paints a pretty Good picture for the need for Eliza so If your journey was similar to mine or Is unfolding uh in a similar fashion to The way that mine did it usually starts Like this right you start out as that Helpful Tech friend or family member That everybody goes to hey could you

Help me figure out my email could you Help me figure out this I need a website Um you know maybe you oh I'd like to Rank better so you start dabbling in SEO Then it becomes sort of a side hustle You actually start charging people for The services that you're providing Um which then leads you to become an Entrepreneur at some point hey I think I Could actually make a living from this Um I'm going to actually maybe quit my Job and focus only on this agency thing Here and then after you make that jump You know you get better and better you Streamline your offering things like That and you build yourself up to be a Streamlined agency That's sort of the path that I've seen Be most common if that relates to you Give me a two in the chat if you feel Like you you fall within one of these Categories on the screen or if you've Yeah you see kind of this journey Unfolding before you Lots of twos great all but streamlined In it'll get there don't worry we'll Help Cool so When in order to evolve or go through Those stages you learn some truths along The way really important truths and if You're early in that Journey hopefully These truths can help you sort a Shortcut

The first is that clients don't know What to do with leads So if you're doing lead generation if You're running ads for clients They don't know what to do with them When you send them the email with the Name email and phone number That's because clients are used to Referrals and we're not going to get too Much into that but just know that right And so we also learn along the way that There's basically a five minute shot Clock when it comes to New Leads there's A bunch of studies on this there's one Really famous one long story short it Proved that there's a five minute window If you can engage a new lead within five Minutes the odds of ever closing that Lead jump up by like 100x verse if five Minutes goes by then the lead is not Engaged clients simply can't do that They can't get back to every lead fast Enough Um you know there's a million reasons For that I won't go too far into it but It's just the truth of the matter So how do we fix that we use automation Right this is sort of the bread and Butter of high level you automate back Emails text messages voicemails you do Call connects all these things so that When a lead is generated this all Happens in the first five minutes we've Got other webinars on this there's a

Fast Five workflow recipe in your Account right now that you can check out That I recommend you feed new leads into And this will solve a lot of the problem You will see lead to booking rates jump Up drastically when you implement Automated lead nurture but I can't lie I Will tell you this Fast humans beat automation every time For now I know that we are living in This crazy time when AI is blowing up Like right in front of our faces and It's making Quantum leaps every week it Seems but for now I still see that fast humans beat Automation every time you get better Results if actual human beings are Interacting and engaging leads within Five minutes That creates its own set of challenges Right and so in order to overcome those Agencies that I feel like reach the Apex Of that Journey are the ones that Implement things like this appointment Setters human rollover Services call Centers manage leads paper show it's all Kind of the same thing basically what We're saying is hey client Dr Bob We're generating leads for you our Automation is turning X percentage of Those leads into bookings without your Staff really having to get involved but You know what we're auditing your Account and we're seeing that your staff

They're just not following up with books Fast enough and so there's a lot of Money being left on the table here would You like to talk about our human Rollover service or our appointment Setting service whatever you know you End up calling it and this is just Essentially us saying look we will work Your leads for you for an additional fee Some you know some folks charge per Conversation others charge per Successful appointment being set and Again these are all models that you Figure out over time and with experience There's a bunch of different ways to do It But when you figure this out and you Know again this is sort of like the Advanced agency level But you can really take an agency well Beyond seven figures when you figure This out and you know It starts usually typically organically One of your account managers will just Start jumping into accounts and doing Things faster than the client is doing It and you'll see pretty quickly the Results of that so This is sort of in my opinion the Ultimate model But it brings its own set of challenges Those challenges are that typically in a Traditional sense especially before high Level which when this was really hard to

Do we would have to pump the leads into A third-party system if we weren't Running the call center ourselves if we Were Outsourcing that or whatever and The leads would be worked and then we Would have to figure out how to get Those leads back into our system and so You that was always a pain Point Um and then high level came along made It easier but you still have to jump in And out of sub-accounts in order to Manage your clients leads for them and That's not exactly a smooth sustainable Process when we know there's a five Minute shot clock and so it can be Really tough to be in and out of Sub-accounts fast enough as leads are Coming in to work your client deck Which is why we created Eliza so Eliza Is a platform that plugs right into high Level was built to plug into high level And so natively we can manage the SMS Conversations phone conversations Inbound and outbound phone calls emails All the social DMS so Facebook Messenger Instagram DMS whatsapp's right around The corner all from one screen so you're Seeing the conversations from across all Your sub accounts in one place where you Can just work them right there from that One screen In Eliza we get to leverage FAQs and Snippets so these are basically saved Responses so you'll see in a in a moment

But there's a tab where we can program Frequently asked questions and then the Answers from each of your clients so That you know right away oh so this this Conversation is asking about gluten free I can just quickly search gluten-free in The FAQ column and it'll filter the Response that my client wants me to use And I just click a button or hit a Hotkey and it'll inject that answer Right into the conversation so when your Staff your agents get good at this they Can really fly through conversations Because most of the questions or Questions that your clients get all the Time right and so you have those answers Right there you can also save text Snippets access those right from the Conversation so it makes managing a lot Of conversations really really scalable We can also do things like search and Schedule appointments so we can see does This contact have any scheduled Appointments in that sub-account do I Need to create one for them we can do All of that right from within Eliza we Can tag add tags to the contacts we can Even trigger workflows so we could say Oh you know based on this conversation They really need to get added to that Whatever nurture I can just push them Right into that workflow right from Within the Eliza conversation we can Create notes and other stuff that we'll

See in just a second We can also monitor measure team Performance which is really cool so you Can see um activity in the in the Dashboard but we can actually pull and Download really in-depth employer and it Reports um in spreadsheets so that you Can go you know contact data and see Who's performing whose response times Are better than others and really figure Out you know how your agents are Performing reward top performers however You want to do that but this is all Possible in Eliza So with that why don't we hop over and Take a tour Um We've got a question do I think Eliza Will be in Spanish Um good question we're we're getting Very close to launching high level in Spanish Um so we'll see what happens with Eliza But of course you can manage the Conversations in Spanish because you can Type in any language so let's hop over Let's take a tour I'm also going to Um invite NASA and Sam to join me so They are product managers From our team who work on Eliza and I Don't know if maybe I have to unmute you Let's see Allowed to talk I can cool so Sam you

Should be able to come off mute and say Hello and NASA as well Yeah all right Hi Sam you there I am All right everybody give Sam hello in The chat Sam is the one who uh makes all The magic happen and Eliza with her team Cool so so let's talk about what we can Do so right now we're looking at my Account and I'm only plugged into one Sub account right here and it's my dummy Account where I texted myself because if I plug myself into a live account I'll Start getting chats assigned to me and I Don't want to mess up the team that's Working those conversations themselves But here we can see A conversation from Chase Buckner myself Uh I talk to myself quite a bit honestly And I asked myself what was up and here I replied or sorry these were um me Texting my phone number my high level Number here and so we could see if I was The agent I could just click into this Conversation and I can converse I can Send an SMS I can send an email and then Over on the right is where I can see Data right so this conversation is Happening in a sub account called Chase Sandbox this is the address of that sub Account you know the business details That are saved in the settings there and

Then this is the information I have on The contact so there's my number my Email we can see where I came from what Type I am and tags oh I've got a tag Called free dental whitening I must have Claimed an offer in the past I'm not D Indeed for any of the channels over here And down here is where we can see Workflows opportunities and things like That so I could come down here and push Myself into a workflow I can even choose The start date and time if I need to Time something up And I can move myself in and out of Pipelines down here as well Here's like the additional custom fields That have been created the info that's In those but here's my favorite part the FAQs now I only created one for the sub Account for today's demo but imagine a Long list of FAQs here that you could Just search through Um really quickly and we could see let's Assume that I had asked about hours oh I Actually did ask about hours there so I Could just come over here and say bloop And see how it just took the saved FAQ Popped it right into the conversation And I can then shoot that back so FAQs Are super Super powerful when it comes to managing Across sub-accounts we also have all the Things that you're used to in regular Higher conversations right like

Um custom values over here and even the Snippets so I think I have one yeah I Just made one about a refund policy I Could go ahead and throw that right into The conversation there as well From there we've got the appointments I Don't think I have any scheduled Appointments I can create notes and I Can even create tasks for this lead as Well Filtering Opera options over here and Some other tabs that we can jump into Such as if I just want to view Conversations that are going on I could Come over here to search and we can see Now I'm seeing lots of conversations That are happening in our main account And uh so I could go and kind of monitor I could filter based on what I want to See maybe who is having specific Conversations right now like Jalen is Probably on shift so I bet if I search Yep he's got a bunch of conversations Going on right now so I could go monitor What's being said And then over in settings is where we Kind of build our team connect sub Accounts create FAQs and all that kind Of stuff that you would expect Um How do I access this well let's talk About that um so I see one question from Daniel that we'll answer first so all The sub-account conversations can be

Managed in one place that's right so Again I'm only looking at one Conversation from my one account that Doesn't have real activity but if I went And turned myself on for let's say our Main sub account I would immediately Start getting flooded with conversations Which I don't want to do because that Would screw up our team Um but yeah you're gonna see all the any Sub account that you choose to connect From your agency account you'll see all Those conversations in one place so your Staff your appointment Setters or your Human rollover agents can then manage All of your client leads from right here They would not have to go in and out of The different sub accounts to get to Those conversations they can do it all Right here Be booking appointments and all the Different sub-accounts be creating tasks Kicking workflows off adding tags all That stuff across all the sub accounts Right here from this one View Um how can you incorporate AI to assist Ah great question so as you've been Seeing we've been rolling AI out across All the different areas of high level we Still have a little bit work to do a Little bit of work to do on that side And then I think Um Eliza would be next up to get AI but Yeah it would basically just be another

Icon down here that launches The Experience like you've seen in other Areas of high level So we can hop into more FAQs in a sec But I do see people asking about costs So let's talk about that Because you joined us today for this Webinar we actually have a special Promotion for you normally Eliza costs 500 a month plus a thousand dollar setup Fee because you joined the webinar today We're going to waive that thousand Dollar fee and you can access Eliza Straight away for 500 a month It includes up to five agents accounts For you so you could have five staff Members working your sub accounts Included in the 500 and then if you need To add more agent uh accounts for your Agents I think it's what's the cost on That Sam fifty dollars a month Additional per agent over five So it goes up by 100 each time that you Need to add another agent Um which is pretty good pricing to be Honest if you go look at other human Rollover services and whatnot because One agent can manage you know a Significant amount of conversations Before you need to add another Yeah essentially how we uh how we Explain this pricing is that you know if We are confident that no per agent if You can save

Worth of productivity this platform will Pay for itself and on top of it there Are like a lot of uh I mean there is a Definitely there is a Time Saver you Don't have to hop around different sub Accounts to manage these conversations And second thing is a lot of times what You have seen our customers do is that When when there's a conversation they do Zap it out to Google spreadsheet or Maybe to click up document click up task Or something and then they will inform That agent you know to go back and you Know respond to their conversation so There is always something some kind of Zap going in the background so you you Don't have to do all of that so the Platform will manage the workload it Will ensure that the conversations are Round robin among the agents who are Assigned to handle particular location And as Chase already said all the Conversations that belong to your agency Can come down into one single window so The productive productivity will be Enhanced like leaps on So that itself will pay for uh the Subscription yeah absolutely and you Know If you've ever done or offered these Services before you know what happens to The conversion rates for your customers Right they increase Um drastically because you're having

Your team who knows what should be said And is going to be on top of the lead Within the first five minutes because It's popping up right here The performance you know jumps Leaps and Bounds and you know that obviously leads To client retention and all that kind of Thing so Um if you've done this before you Probably understand this is pretty Attractive pricing if you are interested In uh claiming this offer just head over To this URL here and whoops let me throw It into the chat so it's go High slash Eliza webinar free Dash setup so you can head over there It'll ask you for your email Um your name and your email And that will get you waived for the Setup fee and then our team will reach Out to you on how to set up your account Um Let's see we've got a question from Vivian for some reason I thought AI Already integrated into Eliza to talk to The leads ah so Vivian you're thinking Of the Eliza action that is in workflows And is it still called Eliza NASA or did We change the name of that Um no it is Uh I mean some members in the community They do mistake that bot for Eliza so That is a different thing so this bot on The workflows it will book appointments

And it can automatically book Appointments on the calendar of your Choice uh no human involvement is needed So you can schedule that during the Offers or whenever you feel that your Workflow is ready to book an appointment You can do that that is separate but This a Eliza agent platform is a manual Nurturing platform so this is purely for Your va's to Come and log in and nurture the leads on Behalf of your clients Yeah so Vivian uh a long time ago that Action in workflows was actually called The Eliza booking bot now it's called AI Booking bot and it will conversationally Offer up availability from a calendar Um With as NASA just pointed out with Eliza It's for teams that want to manually Manage conversations because again Humans are still better than robots Um and maybe that's going to change in The near future but uh for now It's still you know I was just having a Conversation with Matt my old partner at The old agency and they started offering This a couple of months ago And he's like it's just a lights out day And night difference when you have Trained sales people managing your Client leads Um because again clients struggle They're used to referrals not leads off

The internet and so you really do need People who know what they're doing Working those conversations in a timely Manner Um Matt so is Eliza basically 500 a Month to have all of the chat in One Dashboard yes that's well not just chat Right because Eliza will pull in emails Messengers Google chats Instagram DMS And it's also phone right so if I click This I could call this lead right now And if the lead calls in I get to answer It Um and so it's you know we used to call Them call centers but now we have chat And we have SMS so it's it's beyond that Right it's a conversation center Um Michelle how do we send messages to Eliza or is that done in a workflow or Do all messages go to Eliza yeah all the Messages once you connect to sub account They just start coming in and so you Could see them in the high level sub Account or you could see them in Eliza So we have to supply the va's too yes Lee so this is for folks who have va's Or staff members who are ready to manage Conversations Okay Vivian said that makes sense Crystal's here Crystal uses Eliza more Than most I would say so her team is They live in Eliza so if we have any uh Specific questions for the team that Runs it we could

Um get some good Insight from Crystal Matt okay Chase so it's basically the Dashboard for a BDC For up to five people got it thank you I don't know what BDC is but I think We're on the same page so this is ideal For someone who handles leads for their Clients 100 question how long is the Wave setup fee offer good for Um good question I mean it's for anybody Who joined us here so because you're Here just go fill out that form and your Setup fee will be waived whenever you're Ready to get started with Eliza Um BDC Business Development Center yeah That's a good word for it Matt or a good Acronym I would say because again it's Not just about phone calls anymore now That we can handle chats from all sorts Of places and uh hopefully you all are You know plugging in Google Business Profiles for your clients Instagram DMS All that kind of stuff Can a specific conversation flow be set Up for an agent to follow with inbound Leads like it will show them on the Screen what questions to ask next in the Conversation for qualifying the leads so This is kind of like scripting right NASA Oh yes Um yeah I don't think Alexa can do that Now

No but I'm sure it's on the road uh like The road map of to Do's for Eliza Because scripting is yeah something that Would be pretty cool to have So for now Matt Kyle no you would just Have to train your agents accordingly But I could see scripting coming to Eliza for sure Uh Michelle so even if there are Automatic message response being sent Via a workflow the conversation will Still show up in Eliza it would be cool If we could choose that conversation get Sent to Eliza at a certain point in the Workflow after automated greeting Message responses go out Etc Interesting so Eliza that's or sorry Um NASA and Sam that's true right if a Workflow is sending something automated Back I'm going to see it in Eliza right Yes definitely Gotcha Um so yeah your agents would just Basically see the the automation Happening here and then they could just End the chat we also didn't talk about Dispositions which is cool so when you Go to end a chat you can set your own Dispositions right so what you really Want to know is what was the outcome of That conversation right and so you see These numbers these are like hotkeys so If I just click like seven it'll jump Down to seven and then I could quickly

Close the chat but this is important Right because when you look at your Reports you want to see okay well how Many conversations ended in an Appointment how many conversations Um ended because Uh I don't know I had to redirected to The affiliate team for example so we Have lots of them in here but you know Most commonly it would sort of be Did we book an appointment did somebody Pay for something was it a support issue Whatever that may be you can create your Own dispositions so that when your Agents are finishing conversations you Know why you know what happened what was The outcome of that conversation one Additional value I'd write that is when You create a disposition and assign the Conversation you can also assign a tag Along with the disposition but that Means using the tag you can trigger Another workflow so that is like very Powerful you know you are working in Realizer but at the same time you have Designed some workflows on the high Level side you can trigger that workflow On that particular sub account so in This way the Eliza and uh eye level can Work in tandem So yeah so that's a power of Dispositions here and of course there Are reports that you will be running That can report based on the

Dispositions that are that's happening Yeah yeah good point NASA so what he's Saying is okay I can tie a tag to a Disposition so if I if I go to end the Chat and I say that you know Uh whatever it may be it was somebody Who wanted a job if I choose that Disposition it'll also apply like a a Tag of some sort and I could have a Workflow that triggers off that tag so I Could be triggering actions as a closed Conversations Um Christy asked call features with Eliza yep so we can see right here I Could call this lead right here or if They called in I could answer the call Here does this integrate with stripe Um I would say yes and no right because I Would imagine that I would have Snippets With my checkout links or my stripe Links or the links to the pages where People can buy different things so that I could quickly say oh this person's Asking because they want to buy a gift Certificate okay cool let me grab the Snippet for gift certificate you know Bloop select and then boom it's gonna Paste in you know you could purchase a Gift certificate here with the URL so You don't need to directly integrate Stripe to Eliza but I think that you Would integrate with FAQs and Snippets That contain information about where

People can buy things Pedro what are the difference between The conversations tab in high level So Conversations in high level don't have Things like dispositions but the main Difference is Pedro you can only see Conversations from that sub-account that Location right so if you were to say to Your clients hey my staff will follow up With your leads that we're generating They would have to toggle back and forth Between the different client sub Accounts in order to have those Conversations which takes time gets Confusing and so what Eliza does is Allow us to view all the conversations From all of your clients in one place And we can quickly see like again There's only one conversation here but If I had a few more they would be Stacked down this left column and I Could quickly see oh that conversation Came from Chase's Camp sandbox location Oh this conversation is from high level Location oh this one's from Dr Bob Etc so we see all the leads in one place We can work on top down Across all the different sub-accounts What is the URL for Eliza sign up again It is further up in the chat but it's Also right here go high slash Eliza Dash webinar Dash free Dash setup Um and I can go back up and

Grab that again but if you just scroll Up in the conversation you should see it There Oh somebody beat me to it thanks NASA Um What's the difference between having my Agents answering through the regular Conversations Tab versus Eliza well they Would have to be signed in to that Location in order to receive the call Right so if they're not in there waiting They're not gonna get the call and you Can only be in one sub-account at a time Right unless they're operating from the Mobile app so again we're just basically It's like merging all the sub account Conversations into one place Uh currently there's no way to Disposition a lead in high level unless You use Eliza right correct Matt I mean Unless you disposition with tags or Something like that Michelle you may have covered this Already but are the Snippets and Templates sub account specific Um the FAQs are not uh or are they I Might be wrong Crystal Or Sam when I go to FAQs these FAQs are Yes they're specific to the sub account The conversation is from yes yes Got it can we pick and choose which Sub-accounts show up in Eliza yes you Can

Matt does this work from the app meaning Can the agents work from the app or do They need to be desktop Eliza is desktop Only as of right now Well incoming messages cause a Conversation to show up here yes As opposed to an outbound campaign Um of high-level causing conversations To show up here as well All conversations will show up here Is the AI appointment booking bought Something in the back burner in Development or why not use that with Eliza you could Pedro so like if you Have the AI appointment bot running in a Workflow And somebody gets to that step and the Bot starts engaging with them That will happen and you will see it Happen here so your aging can be like Just watching it oh great look the boss Booking them okay great they picked Tuesday okay great the bot book The Call I don't have to do anything I'm ending This chat Or maybe you need to jump in because the Bot screws up right because robots Aren't perfect and you're there oh wait Oh no it's screwing up oh boom and then You can jump in and save the Conversation Um does Eliza send desktop notifications To the agent when a new lead comes in Good question

Yes so there are two ways of Notification one is that if you can go To the settings Json there is in profile Section that is you can configure uh Sound alerts so if they're logged in It's going to uh yeah the bottom Ringtone so it will play that ringtone So that is the First Alert or if they're Already in Eliza but not on the Conversation screen they will see uh on The bottom right they will see a Notification saying hey there is a new Conversation assigned to you Automatically or manually and things Like that so you can do it or if you Want an offline let's say the somebody Is offline and you want to really send a Note or something you can always use uh The web books uh if you go to uh the Company the one above profile which is Yeah there's a Web book option here uh If you yeah the first option right so You can also configure a web hook and Below the webbook we we are displaying Like what are the actions or the Triggers that can be triggered on your Books so this is also something that if You want to use you can use it but Otherwise auto box you're getting the Sound alert the notification alert and If the agent is offline uh they can and If you want you can configure the books To send out these notifications Oh that's cool down here is where you

Can build your dispositions Cool Um Eric does being an Elisa reduce the Access to the rest of the sub accounts If we wanted it that way Um I mean you could have an agent in Eliza Who is not a user in a high-level sub Account and I think that accomplishes What you're asking about yeah yeah yeah You just possible so the Um so Eric you can manage these access Controls independent of each other so Somebody if you don't want your agent to Have access to high level at all and Only Eliza you can do it if you want Them to access both high level and Analyzer you can do it because the the Accounts in these two platforms are Independent of each other so you can Manage them independently Cool um Pedro is this available in the Agency view for us to roll out to our Clients and is there extra fees so it's Not available in the agency view Um Normally Pedro this is for folks who Want to manage their clients leads for Them but I could see maybe if you have a Client that's like a franchise and they Want to manage all of their locations in One place Eliza could be a good option For that so you could either open an Allies account on their behalf

And maybe up charge them for that Um or you could hand hold them into Their own Eliza account Um but yeah it's 500 a month normally There's a thousand dollar setup fee but Because you're on this webinar you can Um get that waived Michelle so the Snippets are the same For all sub accounts Um nope Snippets are sub-account Specific as well I suppose that means we will use custom Values to pull in sub-account specific Information You can do both yep so the custom values Will pull from the sub account the Snippets are what you save in a sub Account and then the FAQs you create in Eliza specific to the sub account Can we resell Eliza you totally could Carl Um it's not built into like rebilling at This point but you definitely could and Again I could see that like we used to Have a couple of clients who were Franchises and the franchise would want To manage the leads for all the Locations Um that could be a good idea On that uh sorry sorry for the induction Chase uh the one word of caution there Is that if you are weight labeling your Services but LSR is not weightable so Your clients will know that

It's goha level but then if there is Enough demand we can look at weight Labeling the platform as well Yeah typically Carl you would um Carl Asked how much should we charge Typically if you're offering human Rollover services or you know Appointment setting you're not going to Charge them for the tool that you're Going to use to do the job you're going To charge them for the results right so You're going to say hey for x amount of Money we will work x amount of leads for You or for every time our team schedules An appointment Um we're going to charge you fifty Dollars so there's a bunch of different Ways to do this but typically you're not Charging them for the tool you're Charging them for the outcome Matt I missed your answer Chase but did You say whether or not Eliza works from The lead connector app too it does not It's a standalone desktop app at this Stage Matt Um Joined halfway through so not sure if It's covered already how do I know what Campaign Elite has responded to or Messaged us regarding also Where to view Source oh cool good question so when I'm In a conversation In the contact tab I can see the Workflows that they have been in

Uh and that they are in so that would Tell you okay I you know I see automated Messages Happening Here where's that Happening from well let's look at what Workflow that they're in Um so that's pretty helpful there and Then where to view the source Um you see it here the icons indicate The source right so this is an email Um These were text messages Um this is like the SMS icon and then That would change to like the GMB icon If it was a Google chat right NASA yeah Yeah yes Cool I mean that particular aspect works Exactly like high level so if if the Lead has a phone number the SMS uh box Will show up at the bottom and if they If you have the email address the email Option will show up and if if you have The Facebook handle you know the Messenger app messenger tab will show up So it it works exactly like high level And we support seven channels uh so all Of them can be managed for all your sub Accounts from one single window Cool Casey joined late will this be Recorded and distributed yep we'll send It to everybody who registered uh how do We get those fees waived Um there is a URL right here if you want To screenshot that

Um it's also in the chat a little bit Further up Can you change an opportunity stage from Eliza you totally can So here in Opportunities we can manage That so it looks like I am in a pipeline I could just come here change the stage The value the status any of that kind of Stuff which is awesome Um Can I integrate this in high level or What would I use our high level Interface for if I have this Um well there's like you can't build a Workflow in Eliza right you would build It in a sub account in high level Eliza is just around conversations so Imagine the conversation pane but for All of the sub accounts in one place Michelle I see a transfer button at the Bottom how does that work uh transfers If you want to transfer this to somebody Else like this conversation got assigned To me but maybe I don't deal with Questions about Whatever Insurance so I could transfer this to One of my colleagues who specializes in Insurance so that's just a way to move The conversation between agents Um Eric for those five agents is that Basically five different sign-ons with The ability to have different Sub-account assignments attached to each

Sign-on correct And Gotham great thank you high level For yet another opportunity to monetize Your software you're welcome and thank You for hanging out so we are just about At time Um but again hopefully you have that URL You screenshotted it if you're Interested in Eliza If you have any Other questions our team Um will shoot you a follow-up so you can Chat with somebody from the team who Manages Eliza and I'm going to grab the URL again and throw it into the chat Down here I just okay you did okay great So yep there's the URL again it's right There in the chat Link please awesome all right well thank You so much everyone for hanging out if You are doing appointment setting uh I See oh there's other questions Jeff this Is not tied to the Pro Plan Um it's completely separate it doesn't Matter what high level plan you're on You could sign up for Eliza Tony I'm currently using zapper to send Contacts across sub accounts how is this Different so we're not moving contacts From one sub account to another with Eliza we are just able to converse with All the conversations across sub Accounts in one place Uh okay I think that's everything There's one more question when does this

Link expire Uh we have not determined Uh I'll be honest it doesn't have an Expiration date at the moment Uh um But yeah if you're interested I would Reach out I would assume we will kill The promotion at some point let's say a Month from now And we'll go with that Great all right well if you have any Questions don't hesitate to reach out You know there's a chat widget on our Site there's live chat in your app Um or you can always Shoot one of us an email as well Okay great and Alyssa just dropped a Link in there if you have more questions You can head to that URL there and chat With the team I think you can book with Them and you can also just jump right Into a zoom now which is cool All right well thanks everyone for Hanging out Um we should have the recording up in Our Uh YouTube by tomorrow so we'll send it Over to everybody tomorrow Foreign [Music]