Mobile App Updates v 3 44 2

Hey happy Friday everybody Sean coming At you from high level let's talk about A brand new mobile release on the lead Connector and high level side and um Quick nod everybody always asks this so Just if I'm gonna put it right in the Start of the video if you have the white Little mobile don't you worry because All of these changes will come to you Very shortly so Um on the lead character mobile app a Couple of uh new features and small Updates so first of all the big one here Is implemented the uh pause sub-accounts Flow so this is essentially you know we Have the ability now if you have a sub Account they don't pay and they're Paused uh for not payment uh when they Logged into the website that the website Would obviously update and say sorry you Got to pay your bill and all that Wonderful stuff now same thing will Happen here on the mobile app right so It's pretty awesome Um as you can see hey basically please Contact us and I think pauses can happen For more than just uh non-payment Reasons I think you can manually pause Them as well so this will sort of work With and reflect that a couple other Quick things add a notification uh Permission prompt for Android greater Than 33 that's kind of a technical Technicality some of you will know what

That means and the vast majority of you Do not need to know what that means Um so that's cool a couple internal Changes here and then there is another Oh yeah check this action out uh Enhancement cosmetic changes so what we Did is we checked the we widened out the Uh the bubbles quite a bit here to try To really help with readability and so It was kind of cool about this is we Didn't get rid of anything right so you Could still see like who the person who We're talking uh to what channel it's on All that stuff but we whipped out the The bubbles so you get a heck of a lot More content in than you used to before So that is really really really cool Um I think the team did a fantastic job There Um and so I just wanted to let you know Uh that we got that out as well so Anyways those are the updates on the Mobile app uh for those of you want to Know make sure it is version 3.44.2 uh in order to uh uh uh have These awesome changes in the mobile app So anyways I will see in the next video Talk soon thanks