Multiple Emails Live for Contacts + Conversations! Labs

Hey happy Tuesday everybody Sean coming To you from high level so check this out You want to see something really cool so Go over to settings go over to labs and Then inside Labs roll down here and go Conversations well I got to turn that on Oh conversations gotta turn that on and Now check this out you see this one Right down here conversations additional Email now this is more than just Conversation so check this out you can Now add multiple email addresses to Contacts so if I go in here I hit edit I Can now add multiple emails right here To a contact and check this out so hold On let's do a couple things here so Let's add uh let's see Bob is That already in here let's see maybe Maybe oh Dang Dang Dang hold on hold on Uh Whatever come on this is gonna work this Is gonna work yes all right cool now so Check this out this is amazing so not Only do we have multiple email addresses But inside here check this out you can Choose which email you want to set to Look at that you can do that right there You can also that over here in the Conversations page as well if they have Multiple email addresses so that is very Very very cool Um as you can see here you can add Multiple email IDs you can pick them

Um and by default of course there's Primary email as well all and you can Delete email these um also so again same Thing you just saw here um you can see Like on the conversations page because There's plus one you can put your mouse Over it show you which the other emails Are you can choose which one you're Gonna go to and then of course when you Do a um actually send a message you look At the message details um you can Actually see which email address it was Sent uh to which the you can see you can See I'm sending two different ones so That's really cool somebody has multiple Emails and again obviously you got to Turn it off on in Labs so anyways super Pumped that the team got this out what a Great feature so excited hope all of you Are having an amazing Tuesday and I will See you in another video in a minute Thanks