New Appointment List view live in labs!

Hey happy Thursday everybody Sean coming From high levels so we've got another Announcement here a brand new Appointment list view so uh we covered This already it's in Labs so make sure You go to settings make sure you go to Uh labs and then you turn this on uh and Here's what you're gonna get so this Feature uh here's what it does Introduced a new design enhancement to The appointment list page resulting in a Cleaner more streamlined view of the Appointment listings these changes not Only improve the visual presentation but Also include fixes to the filters and Sort options we've also implemented some Robust new security something or other Please note to access this uh feature uh You have to go to Labs yeah yeah great Awesome so what does it look like um so Check this out so if we are in our Account we go into the calendar section Then we're going to go over to Appointments and check this out it looks Beautiful so this is the brand new Appointments view um you can see that it Is just a great Improvement brings a new UI in obviously you can come in you can Choose exactly you can filter on all Kinds of stuff like statuses and people And then you can sort by dates and all This and then over here if you hit these Like three dots you can do some cool Stuff like reschedule view notes if you

Details all of that Um so anyhow on that note this is Awesome the team did a great job here um I hope all of you love as much as I do Um and I hope you're having an awesome Thursday and we'll talk soon thanks