New Attribution Sources Live!

Hey happy Tuesday everybody Sean coming At you from high levels so today we are Adding in three additional attribution Sources so real quick what the heck is Attribution Sean how does it work why Are you talking to me about this well Attribution is amazing it tells you Where your leads are coming from and What's cool is if you go to help.oh high right now you can look at Attribution and what it does is in the CRM if you click in and you look at an Actual lead on the right hand side There's this activity Tab and at the Bottom it'll actually tell you where the Lead came from so we do all kinds of Cool stuff already we'll like tell you If it came from a Facebook ad or Google Ad and in fact you can even make it Radically better if you just pass in Some UTM parameters which is all covered In The Help docs but today what we're Talking about is adding three additional Sources other CRM UI and third party and Here's what they are uh they are um if You have like a random incoming call SMS WhatsApp Facebook whatever that'll be Labeled as other if you have that's not From an ad obviously or not from a you Know a campaign Etc um if you have a CRM UI Source or somebody adds it in Manually it's going to say that's just Like CRM UI source so that you just know Hey that person clicked add contact and

They added it in and then finally third Party which is really just from an API Or zappy or something like that and so Why the heck are we all doing all this It's just to make the reporting a lot Better and also because um down here you Can see um if you go to the main CRM Screen and you uh contacts list you can Hit filters on the right hand side and Now you can and you can already filter By the sources but now we're going to be Adding these sources in as well and it Just makes the filtering a lot more Accurate if someone says Hey I want to See all the leads I got from my Facebook Ad boom that's easy I want to see all The leads we added manually boom that's Easy right so you can see how that makes Things a lot simpler from both a Reporting perspective as being more Accurate as well as just so usability Enhancement so anyways on that note I Hope you have an amazing day and we will Talk soon thanks