New conversation filters live!

Hey happy Thursday everybody Sean coming Up to you from high level so another day Another day of amazing updates so let's Jump in real quick on the just uh the Startup here um for workflow updates we Just just this is like an internal but I Love to I love to throw these out Because the team just kills it and they They're really the unsung heroes um Behind the scenes often so move to a new Reporting service to fetch SMS stats Inside the workflow this will help us Reduce the dependency on MySQL and also Reduce Tech debt Um basically it just means that we're um Making the system simpler and easier on The back end added a contact delete Event Um which is also awesome this will save A lot of redundant task requests and Again just making system way more Efficient way faster that's good stuff Now moving on to this uh official Feature released for this video is the CRM team is excited to announce that we Have added two new filters to the Conversation screen so on the Conversation screen in the app so it's Left-hand menu it says conversations you Can't miss it you're probably there all The time there's a filter section and Now there are two additional filters That's right you can filter on last Message Direction and last outbound

Message type so what's new with the Filter the last message Direction you Can choose between two options inbound And outbound so you can look at show me All the outbound messages showing me all The inbound messages this filter is Applicable to messages post May 9th 2023 So anything that happened before then Too bad so sad this filter will not work But that's okay don't worry it's gonna Work on a go forward basis and now users Can now filter based on the last last Outbound message type and in this case It's manual or automated so this is this Idea that you know sometimes you'll set A big blast and then like a bunch of Messages will pop to the top and you'll Be like what the heck is going on and That's really actually that those same Messages have an unread message within Them and the new automated message Actually just ticks the date updated up So the message floats to the top I know This kind of sounds weird but that's how It works but in this case if you filter Let's just say on manual You'll note that those things will Disappear so that's really really really Cool you can see that again in the Left-hand menu very easy to get to Conversations go check it out and I'll See you in the next video thanks