New Email Stats & Easier Migration Process Live for LC Email!

Hey happy Friday everybody Sean coming At you from high level so really excited Today we are releasing uh this really Cool update so it’s a brand new feature Essentially all the email metrics that Uh have been available at the uh I guess This would be the agency level are now At the sub account level that’s right so If you go into your sub account and this Only applies to isv accounts um so if You go uh so it’s like LC email I think Uh so if you go into uh the sub account You go into settings and you go to email Services which has been there for a While there is now a new tab at the top So before it was like SMTP service Replying forwarding settings all that Stuff now there’s an email analytics Section you can see right here how cool It is you get all of these awesome stats Across the board exactly to see exactly What’s going on there um and you can Obviously do date ranges and all that Wonderful stuff there so then you can uh Sort of see what’s going on and your Customers can see what’s going on right So this just brings a lot more Visibility and and uh you know sort of Debugability and all that wonderful Stuff down to the actual sub account Level so huge props team obviously oh One thing I have to start mentioning I Guess is um all with a lot of these code Changes you’ve got to refresh the

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Browser like and I was like the the hard Refresh so you hold down the shift key And you click the refresh button and Basically all that’s doing is pulling Down any of the code that we’ve updated Um I mentioned this because I think Sometimes well we’ll have I like I do This too I’ll high level up for a long Time and then a new feature will come Out I don’t see it well that’s kind of Why that happened so anyways for what It’s worth there you go um now a couple Of updates here uh so uh we have the Ability to add custom domains obviously If you’re using LC email Um and so uh but we noticed that Sometimes people will add a domain and Then they’ll they’ll actually fail to Fully validate that domain and so what We’re going to do is after 15 days Instead of having it stuck in the system And just sort of in pending status we’re Going to delete it out until you and you Can obviously come back and you know Re-add it easily and re-verify and all That but it’s just a nice way to keep The system kind of clean you’ll get an Email like this that just sort of tells You about that that’s all wonderful and Good also we’re going to be updating uh We’ve updated the UI flow um while Migrating in and out of of LC email so So this idea is when you come in the Email Services you can actually migrate

From whatever you’re you know from Whatever you’re in to the lcml system And when you do it’s kind of cool Because now you get this really neat Little pop-up it tells you all about What’s going on and you can acknowledge It it even has like a little help Article you can hit confirm all that Awesome stuff and then If you are um you know if you wanted to Also then migrate out you we have that Capacity and a little pop-up for that as Well uh and so just kind of walks you Through it makes things a lot easier for You uh let me see if there’s anything Else here I’m sorry just want to make Sure I don’t miss anything Nope I think that is it so those are all The LC email updates for today and I Will talk to you in the next video Thanks

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