New Feature: Enable Multi-File Uploads on Your Forms!


HighLevel, a leading marketing automation platform, has recently introduced an exciting new feature that will revolutionize the way users manage their forms. With the ability to enable multi-file uploads, HighLevel empowers businesses to streamline their data collection process and enhance overall efficiency. This game-changing feature allows users to upload multiple files on forms, offering an array of benefits such as file deletion, expanded accessibility, and notifications. Let’s explore this new feature in more detail.

Multi-File Uploads: A Game-Changer for Forms

Whether it’s gathering client documents, project proposals, or images, the ability to upload multiple files on forms can drastically improve productivity and organization. HighLevel understands this need and has responded by implementing this highly anticipated feature.

Simplified File Management

HighLevel’s multi-file upload feature makes it a breeze to manage files attached to forms. Previously, users were limited to a single file upload, requiring additional efforts and multiple form submissions. Now, with the enhanced capability, users can upload multiple files at once, saving them valuable time and energy.

Expanded File Accessibility in Exports

With the new upgrade, HighLevel ensures that forms with multiple file uploads maintain their accessibility even after export. This means that when exporting form data, the attached files are included, allowing for a more comprehensive and convenient data retrieval process.

File Deletion Made Easy

HighLevel understands the importance of data security and offers users peace of mind by integrating file deletion functionality. This feature enables users to remove unwanted or outdated files directly from the form, without the need for third-party tools or complicated procedures.

Enhanced Notifications

To keep users informed and up to date, HighLevel also provides enhanced notification options for multi-file uploads. Users can choose to receive notifications whenever a file is uploaded, keeping them in the loop and ensuring timely actions can be taken.


HighLevel’s introduction of multi-file uploads on forms is a significant advancement in data collection and management. This innovative feature streamlines the process by allowing users to upload multiple files, delete unwanted ones, and maintain file accessibility during exports. With these improvements, users can maximize productivity and operate more efficiently. Whether it’s a small business collecting client documents or a marketing team gathering creative assets, HighLevel’s new feature is poised to make a positive impact. So, why not embrace this exciting enhancement and take your forms to new heights with HighLevel’s multi-file upload capability?