New Funnel Builder now includes Live No Follow Option

New Funnel Builder now includes Live No Follow Option


As the world of digital marketing continues to evolve, businesses are continuously looking for ways to connect with their target audience through different mediums. One of the most popular ways of converting leads into customers is through the creation of funnels. A funnel is a series of webpages that lead your potential customers through a process that narrows down to a specific conversion point. has announced that they have created a new funnel builder with a live “no follow” option. This new feature will allow users to determine if they want search engines to follow the links in their funnel or not.

What’s New in the Funnel Builder

The new funnel builder has a modern design that is easy to navigate. What’s unique about it is the inclusion of the new live no follow feature. This feature allows users to choose between two options, “follow” or “no follow”.

To activate the new funnel builder, users should go to their sub-account, settings, and labs and select the new live no follow feature. Then, they will be able to create funnels with this feature. Once they’ve activated the no follow option, they can also remove it from particular links as needed.

How to use the No Follow feature in the Funnel Builder

The speaker, in a video posted on, demonstrates how to include a no follow in a hyperlink in the new funnel builder. It’s as simple as clicking on the link and then choosing “no follow” from the options provided. The no follow aspect in hyperlinks can significantly impact your SEO.

For instance, when you include a no follow link in your funnel, search engines will not pass any of the link’s equity to the page you’re linking to. This implies that the page receiving the traffic will not rank any higher as a result of the link. Nonetheless, it does not mean a “no follow” link is entirely worthless.

Why the live No Follow Option is important

The “no follow” attribute was initially invented as a way to decrease spam. It is widely used on links in forums and comment sections to deter spammy links. Its inclusion in your hyperlinks has a bearing on your SEO because it determines how search engines treat them. In other words, it tells them whether to follow your link, which could result in a SERP ranking boost to your linked page or not to follow it at all.

With the live no follow option, you can quickly improve your website’s SEO by controlling how search engines perceive your links. It’s easy to forget, but one aspect of SEO is controlling how search engines crawl and index your site. You want to give them an easy ride. So, managing which links they follow or ignore with the no follow attribute is crucial.


In conclusion, the new funnel builder with a live no follow option at is a great addition to the tools available to digital marketers looking to streamline their funnel creation process. It’s crucial to have this live no follow feature to control how search engines perceive your links and ultimately, the SEO of your website. With this, you can boost your website’s visibility and improve your funnel’s success rate in converting leads to customers.

So, if you are looking for a way to control your website’s SEO, give the new live no follow feature at a try. It’s easy to activate and use, and just might give your site’s SEO the boost it needs.