New Mobile App + Update on Customizer!

Hey happy Thursday everybody Sean coming At you from high levels so wanted to let You know there is a brand new version of The high level and Lead connector mobile App in production release so a couple Things major fixes you can see here uh What those were minor fixes you can see What those were right there Um enhancement slash bug fixes you can See what those are the email and SMS Composer went through some major Improvements the contact picker ux got Updated the calendar search improvements For blocked off time awesome job to the Team uh let's see here hold on let me Let's run through this video together Can we do this oh yes we can cool so you Can kind of see how uh how fast this is Um and how much easier it is a little Clicking on the the sound there's the Clicking on the keyboard Um really good ability to search very Quickly lots of great improvements on The app again really focusing on speed Here really focusing on ux improvements Um what we're really doing is in fact There's probably not that little Clacking what we're really doing here is We're focusing up on uh things like Um making sure that a lot of the data is Actually local like you would expect in A lot of other mobile apps so that way It's very quick when you're actually Trying to type this information in or

Search this information or and see like The save motions there all of that stuff Has been heavily optimized and of course That's the uh what this on the calendar Side you can kind of see some of the ux Updates and so forth and so on so Anyways that is amazing I love that they Did a video there actually that was Super cool Um and so on that note uh you know badge Improvements of course Um that kind of thing so that so all of That is there and so a couple things Here Um due to the some major changes they're Doing a phased release so it's actually Kind of interesting if we look at the Comments here Um We can kind of get a glimpse of this so Phase released automatic update so what They're doing is they're like slowly Eeking it out uh over time so that way Uh it actually gets out to um all of you But in a phased release in case anything Happens to go wrong we'll be ready to React to that so that's that's that so Now next thing up is okay check this out Some of you might know about this some Of you might uh not but we are coming Out very soon with this thing called the White label app customizer so this is This idea that you can go into your Agency settings you can actually if you

Haven't ordered the white level app you Can do it and then if you uh and then if You have you can actually come in here And start to customize it so first of All once you order it it's going to do This cool thing where it's going to walk You through all the stages of it um you Can and then you can actually get into Hold on let me find the place where you Actually customize it Um you can actually start to do things Like upload logos And change colors ah here we go change Colors change fonts Um you know you put in all your app Description stuff and you can preview a Lot of that information nation and let Me see if there's anything you know as You all can ah there we go as you can See I'm always very uh very prepared Um so you can start to pull out the Colors now the cool thing about this Actually is when you choose some of These Primary in secondary colors it'll Actually automatically choose this whole Palette under here to match both in Light and dark mode but you can also Customize those as well and again you're Choosing the fonts but here's the thing I like the most you'll be able to Actually change the menu structure so if You want to choose what's on the bottom Menu what's on the side menu I'm gonna Or you want to even add your own stock

That's also going to be here as well so Anyways huge prompts to the team for Getting this now this will be out this Quarter I'd say probably give it two Three maybe four weeks I mean some final Testing right now but it's a pretty big Uh new item so anyways on that note hope You're having an amazing Thursday and I Will see you in the next video thanks