New Phone Settings & Compliance Screens Move Numbers Between Accounts LC Phone Updates! 1

Hey happy Friday everybody Sean coming At you from high levels so this is Really exciting there's a lot to dig in Here so this is an LC phone system Update so of course uh backing up here Real quick LC phone system what is it It's basically built-in SMS and phone Calling so you don't need your own Twilio account anymore Um it's all baked in and it's uh and you Get like a 10 discount off the current Twilio cost so anyways we've been making All kinds of awesome changes of this Upgrades and so forth and today is just We're going to keep it and keep it Rolling so let's jump in real quick so First up we've upgraded the to the view3 Design language we've been talking about This everywhere this is this new UI here Which is I think radically uh nicer to Look at they've also done some updates Just in terms of uh form and Functionality we'll dive into that in a Second and of course it's also faster Because it's on the VJs 3 versus vue.js2 And it also is ready for Internationalization coming up very soon I.E this quarter so all that to say Looks better is faster that's amazing Rock on now keep going what we can do Now is um they've added some additional Features here right so one of the other The big things of course from the Interface perspective we'll just go

Through the screenshots here so you can Jump in and you can actually refresh the Page right here without having to reload The screen as you make changes across All these different accounts you want to Check on them so that's really cool the Other thing you can do is you can Actually uh click in and actually see All of the compliance features that uh Have been uh that have been done and Then any ones that haven't that you Still need to do because what do we know About so quick timeout here what do we Know about SMS it's all about compliance These days if you haven't seen this what I want you to do right now is pause this Video pop another Google tab and I want You to search a2p space 10 DLC and go Read about it this is the biggest thing Happening right now Um in the United States it is a Compliance thing and here's the thing it Used to be optional it's from the Carriers and I am telling you very soon In the next two months you're gonna wake Up to a world where it's like if you Don't have a2p 10 DLC compliance done You won't be able to text anybody Actually so heads up that's coming down It's coming hard so be ready for it so Anyways now moving back here obviously We're trying to help you get through That compliance as fast we can with this This cool checklist anyways this is a

Brand new feature now being able to move Numbers between sub-accounts on LC phone Is now live so that basically means if You have a phone number in sub-account a And you want to move it to subaccount B You can now do that beautifully and Simply through the interface whereas you Used to have to actually open a support Ticket now you can do this all by Yourself so awesome job of the team for Making that happen you can see kind of How this works Bob's Burgers to ACN Technologies choose which numbers you Want to move Done so super simple super fast and then The other thing is uh the ability to Draft mail with content so if you're Moving over and you need to uh migrate Um numbers uh two LC phone we've made This very very very simple to do um they Have a brand new screen for that let's See if we missed anything so uh support Talks so we've got obviously support Docs on all of this so if you click on This bad boy what I'm gonna see uh how To migrate an agency uh and sub accounts LC phone that article is there to help You um and go through all the details Here and same thing here with board Again uh uh telephone number non twilio Number to a location and then finally Remember if you go to uh inside high Level you can click on the little Speaker icon so like if we go over here

We can click on this um view change log Here and see uh how to link to these Things but also if you just go to and click change Vlog you'll also see them here goes Through all the details for you amazing Job and um here is actually that new Phone screen live and in app uh just Like I showed you just now Um so that's super cool Um wow check that out that's cool Um I just think this new design is so Beautiful um yep see you can see here That same pop-up oh the the other thing Is actually for security reasons this is Actually cool that they did this see This account Sid it's actually been um Start out so that way if you do a video Like this for example you're not giving Away your account Sid which can be a Security risk so anyways they did a Great job of that obviously don't Accidentally uh show that off when you Didn't mean to Um so on that note I think I've got all Of it but the age uh just huge props to That team continues to really tear it up And on that note I hope all of you are Having an amazing Friday and I will see You in the next video thanks