New Update: Contracts & Proposals now Support PDF Upload!


High Level, the industry-leading software, has recently released an exciting new update that will surely revolutionize the way businesses handle contracts and proposals. This update includes the much-awaited feature of PDF upload, allowing users to seamlessly integrate their own PDF documents and add signature fields to them. With this enhancement, High Level has taken yet another stride towards simplifying and streamlining the entire proposal and contract process.

Enhanced Proposals and Estimates

One of the standout features is the upgraded proposals and estimates section. High Level now offers the ability to create comprehensive proposals and estimates while also providing support for capturing legal signatures. This means that businesses can now generate polished and professional-looking documents, elevating their image in the eyes of clients and prospects. The streamlined process ensures that all necessary information is included, making it easier for sales teams to convert leads into paying customers.

Seamless PDF Integration

With the latest update, High Level has introduced the functionality to upload PDF documents directly into the platform. This feature allows users to effortlessly include relevant attachments, such as brochures, contracts, or terms and conditions, to their proposals or estimates. Moreover, the addition of signature fields enables smooth client signing, further enhancing the overall customer experience. This eliminates the need for cumbersome offline processes and accelerates the sales cycle.

Exciting Future Possibilities

In addition to the current feature set, High Level has revealed its plans for future updates. One of the highly anticipated functionalities is the ability to drag and drop fields on PDFs. This enhancement will provide users with even greater flexibility when customizing their documents to meet their specific needs. Additionally, High Level intends to establish a seamless link between automatic invoice creation and attachment with proposals or contracts. This integration will save businesses valuable time by automating the invoicing process without any manual intervention.

To summarize, High Level’s latest update introduces the innovation of PDF upload, propelling the platform ahead of its competitors. With enhanced proposals and estimates, users can effortlessly create professional-looking documents and capture legal signatures. The seamless PDF integration enables businesses to include relevant attachments and facilitates client signing. Furthermore, the future updates promised by High Level, such as drag and drop functionality and automated invoice creation, will undoubtedly further enhance the platform’s capabilities.

With this transformative update, High Level has once again demonstrated its commitment to providing a holistic solution that simplifies complex workflows, ultimately improving efficiency and driving business growth.