Number Formatter Live in Workflows!

Hey happy Wednesday everybody Sean Coming at you from high level so I bet You thought that the workflow team was Done dropping huge bombs but no here's Another one check this out so what are We coming out with today the number four Matter that's right so let's check this Out so number four matter let's kind of Look at this real quick on a screenshot To get an idea so you've seen this in Other places this is just us bringing it Out to you in the workflow Builder make Your life easier as you can see you're Formatting a number you're selecting a Field and you're doing like a specific Type of format Um uh and there's lots of cool options There I am not a number formatter expert And I will not pretend as such although You probably figured that out um so Anyways they can see what it looks like As a workflow step um and then you can See right here format number so it's Like text the number or format number From format phone number format currency Random number all kinds of cool stuff Right so you can see right here so how Does it work you select a field as an Input so like hey I want to do the Budget field and then there's all kinds Of uh different choices right currency Formats phone formats number formats et Cetera Etc and as you can see you can Use the results in the if else condition

So once you for and the whole point of This actually so like okay so for those Of you listening it's like why would Ever use this the why would I ever use This thing is I actually probably either Want to like in a phone number you might Want to just like format it nicely and Send it off in some kind of Communication but you probably if you Get like at let's say a money value back Or something like that you actually want To use it in an if else block down below To make a conditional or to decide to do Something different who knows you can do That right so business use cases asking For invoice payments and local currency Sending business phone numbers to National format folks kind of mention All that receiving raw data on inbound Web hooks so you maybe get like data on A web hook but then it's like maybe it's Like so for example like phone numbers Um if you look at the e164 international Format it's like plus area codes like Plus one if you're in the US and then Like phone number right and if you paste That out it's kind of ugly but then you Can format it into a nicer looking Format to send out good example in Summary a huge aid for all of our International customers who are working With numbers and as you can see here um We have of course have a high level help Doc here uh how to use the number format

Of Premium action is out and ready to Rock as you can see it's part of the Premium action set of which we are Continuing to add to so when you get a Chance to take a look at it it is in the Workflow Builder now and if you want to Know about premium actions actually Because you're like hey they're not on They're not there they're not this They're not that make sure you uh search Up premium action so go to the helpdocs Pre me um actions on it you folks love To see me search stuff um so anyways how To enable LC premium actions triggers And workflows because right now I Believe it is a uh is a toggle if you Turn on I believe at the agency level Anyways that's why the help doc look at The help doc let me know on that note I Hope you're all having an awesome Wednesday and I got one more video for You uh and then we'll see you tomorrow For more updates thanks